My Previous Tweets (Verbatim) 13.

1-President Jonathan’s Re-Election At All Costs Has Become A Danger To Nigeria,Says Opposition Party –

2-Anything I say,God knows about it,He records it that people have been told,it’s like God talking directly to them,no one else is like that.

3-As Israel bombards Gaza,81 Palestinians have been killed and about 600 injured so far –

4-Israel Strikes Gaza 1,100 Times Over Four Days With One Bomb Falling Every 5 Minutes

5-Sri Lankan Muslim leader warns of radicalization aft violence against them by Buddhists: Don’t Push Them Agst d Wall –

6-It’s risky for Israel to want to eliminate Palestinians,who cud imagine tht Moses would defeat Pharaoh,God tht helpd him then is around now

7-Nigeria’s opposition party,APC calls for international inquiry to unravel Boko Haram sponsors,modus operandi –

8-Exactly 23yrs ago,14-7-1991,God gave me #HamidTiamiyu the work I’m doing privately for Him.I am 100% sure,God is with me,I cannot fail.

9-Again,I cannot imagine anyone on Earth better than me #HamidTiamiyu in good intentions.Ask God to confirm.

10-Somebody who never saw me once told my dad,the world would be a paradise if there could be two of your last son (myself).

11-White House Ramadan dinner guests press U.S. President,Obama on surveillance of Muslims –

12-UN Rights Chief says Snowden should not face trial,those who disclose human rights violations should be protected –

13-Pres Obama says Israel has the right to defend itself.But the 1st Requirement is for Israel to allow Palestinians live freely on their land.

14-Palest Pres Abbas requested for Peace keepers btw Israel & Palestine,Israel refused but expects Palestinians to keep quiet under occupation.

15-More Corrupt Governors in Nigeria Should Be Impeached Through Due Process.No Corrupt Politician Should Be Spared –

16-In Nigeria,backlash against U.S. firm,Levick,hired to improve government image –

17-How Israel & the West Chose the Ongoing War in Gaza: They Decided To Prevent Implementation Of Palestine Unity Govt –

18-Tutu likens Mid-East cris to apartheid: The latest being the result of a void in global leadership –

19-Somebody says America is slave of Israel while Arabs are slaves of America.

20-Part of what gives Unbelievers joy,confidence is to oppress others,when they have power they are not satisfied until they use it to oppress.

21-Very difficult for an Unbeliever with power to be humble,always arrogant like Satan.

22-S/Arabia Investigates Imams Who Didn’t Condemn Qaeda Attack: Alqaeda,Taliban,ISIS,B/Haram,Sabab Are Enemies of Islam –

23-Drone Strike Kills 11 Militants In Northwest Pakistan “ARROGANT AMERICA TERRORISING PAKISTAN,GOD HATES TERRORISTS” –

24-Muslims don’t fear death because they have real hope,it’s the Unbelievers whose only hope is this small world that never want to die.

25-Palestinians don’t occupy Israel,it is Israel that is occupying Palestine,so who is blameworthy?

26-UN chief condemns Israel’s atrocious Gaza killings,more than 400 Palestinians now died –

27-Deployment of soldiers for elections is unconstitutional,Nigeria’s government told –

28-Serial Killings of Muslims In Villages in Borno State,Nigeria By Soldiers,But Protecting Only Christians –

29-5 Gaza Mosques,Sports Complex,And 19 Fishing Boats Bombed by Israel,570 Palestinians Now killed –

30-S/African President Zuma To Send Delegation To Israel Over Gaza Invasion “SHOWING LEADERSHIP FOR AFRICA,WELL-DONE!” –

31-UN Human Rights Chief Warns Of Israel Gaza War Crimes –

32-UN Says Civilians Make up Most of Gaza Deaths: 500 Homes,16 Mosqs,2 Hosptals Bombed By Israel,695 Deaths,4100 Wunded –

33-I love Believers sincerely.And I don’t want any harm for Unbelievers because I know the world is their only Paradise,I want them to enjoy it

34..God is not unkind at all,any Believer that wants suffering for Unbelievers in this world is not a real Believer.

35-Myanmar Muslims in remote Rakhine suffer worsening health crisis –

36-Unbelievers in the world,bear witness that God has bn kind to U,He gav U power over d Extremists who alwys want to deny U of Ur only Paradise.

37-Muslims condition around the world is pathetic,they’ve not done exactly what I said God wants,but sooner or later they will rejoice.

38-Nigeria Military Goofed Again,Unleashed Their Brazen Impunity On Muslim Protesters Killing A Dozen & Wounding Scores –

39-Global Protests Against Israeli Attacks On Gaza,More Than 1,000 Palestinians Now Killed –

40-Nigeria’s Opposition Calls For International Inquiry Into Assassination Attempt On Their Leader,Buhari –

41-President Jonathan paying lip service to free,fair elections – Opposition,APC –

42-Israeli Intelligence Officers Doubt Hamas Involvement In Incident That Sparked Gaza War –

43-Boko Haram Bomb Mosque Near Emir’s Palace In Yobe State,Nigeria,Killing Several Muslim Worshippers –

44-Some people wrote Bible,the promises made there are not binding on God,no one believing that Jesus is God,or Son of God will enter Paradise.

45-Anyone rejecting Islam rejects the Almighty God,he can only have this world,which is a very small reward,he loses and will go to Hell.

46-UN Rights Chief says increasing evidence of war crimes in Gaza citing attacks by Israel on schls,hosptals,power plant –

47-EU condemns Israeli shelling of UN school and Gaza market,more than 1,400 Palestinians now killed –

48-Anger in Europe Over the Gaza Fighting Reverberates as Anti-Semitism –

49-Israel’s Colonialism Must End.The Longer Any Occupation Endures,The Greater The Settlers Racism And Extremism Grows –

50-Ceaseless Use Of Excessive Force On Gaza By Israel Ignoring Any Law Or Human Rights Is An Obscenity Against Humanity –

51-Amnesty International Says Nigerian Troops Battling Boko Haram Are Guilty Of War Crimes –

52-Senior British Lawyers Write International Criminal Court Urging It To Investigate Gaza Crimes –

53-Palestinian foreign minister to push for Israel war crimes case at ICC –

54-Israel Regrets Civilian Death Toll (Over 1800 Palestinians Killed),But Blames Hamas “NETANYAHU WILL TELL GOD THAT” –

55-Pres Obama statment that he only had sympathy for Gazans and not Hamas makes little sense becos good or bad,Gazans willingly voted for Hamas

56-People should always take into consideration the choice of Gaza Palestinians that they mindedly chose Hamas in a democratic election.

57-An Israeli Progressive on Israel Moral Culpability: I can’t think of any obj that would justify 80% civilian death –

58-U.S. takes control of $480 million stolen by Nigerian dictator Abacha,who used his public office to loot billions –

59-ISIS that America started bombing today are great enemies of Islam.I hate them and other followers of Satan portraying Islam in bad lights..

60-Again,I want to state clearly,AlQaida,Taliban,Boko Haram,AlSabaab & ISIS are not real Muslims,they are Followers of Satan & Enemies of Islam

61-People around the world should stop looking at these Extremists or Terrorists as Muslims,they are only doing Satan’s bidding to harm Islam..

62-Those who say the Extremists/Terrorists want to Islamise people are EVIL because they know that they can only drive people away from Islam.

63-Nigeria’s Opposition Raises Alarm Over State-Sponsored Political Terror In Osun State –

64-Thousands march in U.K. protesting Israeli military action in Gaza with cries of ‘free Palestine’ & ‘shame on Obama’ –

65-Rights Group,Amnesty says Afghans tortured or killed by U.S. troops need justice –

66-Gaza’s children: Israel is creating a new generation of enemies –

67-Nigeria’s President,Jonathan Donates 3.5 Million Dollars To Liberia,Guinea And Sierra Leone To Combat Ebola –

68-52% of UK voters believe Israel acted disproportionately over Gaza where over 1900 Palestinians died,mainly civilians –

69-Egyptian Massacre Of Protesters Under Sisi Was Premeditated “Crime Against Humanity”,Says Human Rights Watch –

70-A year after Egypt’s bloodiest massacre in modern history,the country still has has low tolerance for dissent –

71-No one can hate me,#HamidTiamiyu,and rejoice after death,I am very sure that I will laugh last.

72-Worship & good deeds are the two requirements for a joyous life after death.Christians & others don’t worship God,they only do good deeds..

73-To worship God you must believe in Him & practise His religion,Islam.If you do only good deeds,God will reward you on Earth,not after death.

74-UK’s arm sales to Israel face legal challenge as Israel’s actions in Gaza have caused international concern –

75-Israel must allow the Palestinians live freely on their land,Hamas should disarm and Palestinian unity government allowed to thrive.

76-Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians is a war crime under 1949 Geneva Convention –

77-Israel Is Barring Amnesty International And Human Rights Watch From Investigating The Gaza War –

78-U.N. rights chief rebukes Security Council for failures to act as it would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives –

79-Word’s Help Is Needed To Defeat Terrorists like ISIS,Al Qaeda,Taliban,Al Sabaab,Boko Haram,ETC. –

80-Open Letter to Nigeria’s President,Jonathan on Why Petroleum Minister Indicted for Corruption Deserves to Be Sacked –

81-Find out the truth about me,tell the whole world and behold! You will be helping countless people,worldwide,even before I come out..

82-No one can afford to ignore me except him/her destined for Hell.Read and re-read all that I’d said and imbibe them.

83-Religion is a complete way of life that must be lived,for Believers according to God’s dictate..

84-Now the 5 times daily worship or Salat differentiates Believers from Non-believers..

85-If Christians,Jews,Buddhists,Hindus,Shintoists,etc,will become Believers,then they must accept Islam,there is no other way.

86-Everyone has Paradise and Hell,for Believers,this world is their Hell,they don’t have absolute freedom there,servants of God.

87-Israel seizes largest ever Palestinian land since 1980s for illegal settlement use “AND PALESTINIANS CANNOT RESIST” –

88-Indonesian female governor jailed for corruption (ATTENTION: Nigeria’s President & Politicians) –

89-African leaders seek fund to fight Al Shabab,Boko Haram.Saudi Arabia to contribute 10 million dollars –

90-Saudi Arabia intensifies crackdown on extremist groups,says terrorism needs to be fought with force,reason and speed –

91-Palestinian Leaders Want Three-Year Deadline on Israeli Occupation –

92-Corruption Impoverishes And Kills Millions In Developing Countries –

93-Arab League leader says Arab States must unite to confront threat frm the terror group calling thmslvs Islamic State –

94-Nig Politicians loot public funds by Price Inflation,Embezzlemnt,Misappropriatn,Ghost Workers & Payment to godfathers –

95-Israel committed war crimes in Gaza,human rights group says –

96-Israel Intelg Agents say they routinely targeted innocent Palestinians,now refusing to serve in occupied territories –

97-Israeli intelligence reservists decry treatment of Palestinians –

98-Two Nigerians,One Israeli citizen smuggle $9.3million from Abuja into South Africa via a private jet –

99-Christian Association Of Nigeria President,Oritsejafor,Confirmed As Owner Of Jet Seized With $10 Million Cash –

100-Ex- US Pres Clinton says,’if we don’t force Israel PM,Netanyahu to make peace we will not have peace in the M/East’ –

101-SMUGGLED MONEY: Jonathan Govt (Nigeria) Goes Rogue,As Oritsejafor (Leader,Nig’s Christians) Hides Behind One Finger –

102-Rights Activist,Falana calls on Nigerians to stigmatize Corrupt Leaders instead of celebrating them as is often done –

103-Nigeria uses torture officers to extract confessions: Torture is forbidden,but no bill has bn passd to crminalise it –

104-Archbishop of Canterbury,leader,world Anglicans,admits he has doubts about God “ONLY ISLAM LETS YOU REALLY KNOW GOD” –

105-Barack Obama urges United Nations to set up global ban on fighters “BAN STATE TERRORISM ALSO,PLEASE!” –

106-Is Nigeria Destined To Be Ruled By The Corrupt? The Price Good Men Pay For Their Unconcern Is Rulership By Evil Men –

107-Palestinian President,Abbas urges firm timetable to end Israel 47-year occupation of Palestinian territories –

108-Myanmar’s 1.1m Rohingya Muslims living in apartheid-like conditions could face detention under a new draft plan –

109-Tackling Corruption Will Reduce Unemployment In Nigeria.Inability To Fight It Has Negatively Affectd Country’s Image –

110-The Xtian convert,Mariam Ibrahim once sentenced to death for renouncing Islam shd not rejoice in Xtianity becos it can only take her to Hell

111-I am 100% sure,Christianity is one of the ways to go to Hell.Christians are idol worshippers because Jesus is not God..

112-But I commiserate with her for her sentencing,such laws are not meant for today.

113-Bible is Xtians greatest enemy,a lot of incorrect things are there,e.g,there’s nothing like,God so love the world & gave His only begotn son

114-God has no Son,God can forgive any sin if He likes but will certainly not pardon joining anyone with Him in worship.

115-Islam means Peace,a Muslim never envies Unbelievers,what do they have in this world that’s so extraordinary,and it is their only Paradise!..

116-I rather pity Unbelievers,I want them to enjoy their Paradise,I don’t wish any harm for them.This’s unlike the Extemists that’r not Muslims

117-Qur’an makes it clear that there should be no compulsion in religion (2/256),so the Extremists are not real Muslims but Followers of Satan..

118-The Extremists are terrorists,no Muslim will behave the way they are doing,they’re badly harming Islam,and Muslims must not like them.


120-Sharia is good but you don’t force people to do it,if you are pious observe it by yourself and only advise others to do the same,not force..

121-Almighty God,ALLAH wants religion and religious acts to be done out of conviction,NEVER by force.

122-God also wants Muslims to obey any government in power (Qur’an 4/59),if you want anything,go about it in a non-violent way..

123-If you openly antagonise government,you have disobeyed ALLAH,dialogue is the key rather than taking laws into your own hands.

124-God commands Muslims or Believers to be united worldwide as one entity (Qur’an 3/103),and this can only be possible under one leadership..

125-God has chosen me to lead all Believers in the world but not until I come out,meanwhile a leader can be selected,none should impose himself.

126-US sharply criticises Israel’s plan to build another 2,600 settler homes “MERE CONDEMNATION,NO ACTION,MEANS NOTHING” –

127-Ebola infecting five new people every hour in Sierra Leone,spread in neighbouring Liberia also alarming! –

128-Following the UN recognition of the State of Palestine,Sweden is becoming the first major EU country to also do so –

129-Twitter files lawsuit against US government over spying –

130-President Jonathan,Oritsejafor,Four Others Dragged To Court Over Seized $9.3Million –

131-Conference of Nigerian Political Parties Asks President Jonathan to declare his assets openly –

132-Actor Emeka Ike Reveals Names Of Nollywood Superstars Who Demand For Sex In Exchange For Movie Roles –

133-Egypt’s Pres Sisi urges Israel to consider Arab peace initiative that could make the dream of coexistence a reality –

134-Opp Party To Pres Jonathan: Come clean on monumental Malabu scandal,runaway corruption has cost Nigeria billions –

135-British Members of Parliament overwhelmingly back recognition of the State of Palestine –

136-Seized $15m: Niger Delta activist hails South Africa,tells Pres Jonathan to stop defending corruption in Nigeria –

137-U.N. Secretary Gen says Gaza destruction is beyond description and a source of shame to the international community –

138-South African Wins Anti-Corruption Award “CORRUPTION HURTS,IT EATS AWAY AT THE SOUL OF ANY NATION” –

139-U.N. Children Agency,Unicef says a child is killed by violence every 5 minutes in the world –

140-Allah is He besides Whom there is no god,the Everliving,the Self-subsisting by Whom all subsist,slumber does not overtake Him nor sleep,

141-Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is Allah’s.Who is he that can intercede with Him except by His permission?

142-Allah knows what is before them and what is behind them,and they cannot comprehend anything out of His knowledge except what He pleases

143-Allah’s knowledge extends over the heavens and the earth,and the preservation of them tires Him not,He’s the Most High,the Great. Q2/255.

144-Allah is the guardian of those who believe,He brings them out of the darkness into the light,but..

145-For Unbelievers,their guardians are Satans who take them out of light into darkness,they are inmates of Hell,in it they shall abide,Q2/257.

146-U.N. Condemns Israeli Settlement Expansion “STOP MERE CONDEMNATION,TAKE ACTION!” –

147-UN urges access to full citizenship on equal basis for the Myanmar’s 1.3m Rohingya Muslims –

148-Human rights lawyer,Falana advises Nigeria’s Police boss to resign –

149-EU Foreign Policy Chief,Mogherini Calls for Speedy Gaza Rebuilding –

150-Palestinians remind world of their own wall (Apartheid Wall) as Germans mark 25 years since the fall of Berlin Wall –

151-UN Anti-Torture Panel Grills US Officials,Must Answer For Alleged Violations

152-Enough evidence to hold N. Korea’s leadership accountable for massive human rights atrocities: U.N. official –

153-Countries at UN in Geneva demand that killer robots or Drones be strictly monitored against violations of laws –

154-Israel Resuming Destruction of Palestinian Homes –

155-Sweden king honoured Palestine’s National Day –

156-UAE Has Mounted An Unprecedented Clampdown on Dissents,Says Amnesty International –

157-Spanish MPs like in Britain and Ireland,overwhelmingly a Palestinian State –

158-Drone Strikes Never Kill Humans? America’s ClA Doesn’t Even Know The Identities of Most Of The People It is Killing –

159-Nigeria On The Brink, Northern Nigerian Academics Say, Accusing President Jonathan Of Indifference –

160-Former President Obasanjo says Nigerian democracy remained at risk due to the action of the present administration –

161-The Cost Of Running Government In Nigeria Is Horrendous,And A Crime Against The People Of Nigeria –

162-Senators (Nigeria) name 14 impeachable offences of President Jonathan –

163-UN must enforce its resolutions and the will of the world community in Israel,the occupation of Palestine must end –

164-UN Gen Assembly Asks Israel To Renounce Nuclear Arms And To Put Its Nuclear Facilities Under International Oversight –

165-What we have in Nigeria today are leaders who are in pursuit of personal gains and not about the future – Kolade –

166-President Jonathan Joins Forces With Abacha that his government recently freed from corruption and theft charges –

167-Buhari blames Nigerian Govt for allowing mind boggling corruption to thrive sabotaging efforts to fight Boko Haram –

168-Pakistan is more proactive than ever in fighting terrorists in their country..

169-But except US is invited,their constant Drone strikes is nothing other than real aggression,I hate Obama for it.

170-Albinos in Tanzania: ‘We’re being killed like animals’ –

171-America C.I.A. torture methods yielded no useful intelligence but only false confessions and fabricated information –

172-The U.S. Spent Decades Teaching Torture Techniques To Brazil –

173-Palestinian Minister dies after being struck by Israeli troops during a protest against Israel land confiscations –

174-France and Ireland become latest in Europe to recognise state of Palestine –

175-Unease in Niger Delta as ex-militant Tompolo acquires 7 battleships.And ex-militant with weapons of war,Real Danger! –

176-North Korea wants U.N. Security Council to discuss America CIA torture –

177-The Int’l Community,Geneva Conventions delivers stinging rebuke to Israel settlement construction on Palestine lands –

178-Nigeria ranked least prosperous nation in the world –

179-INCREDIBLE: Governors,businessmen,companies donate N21.27bn to President Jonathan –

180-German mosque vandalized as anti-Islam demonstrations continues to grow across Germany – @NewsRepublic.

181-Muslims trapped in CAR face grim choice,Leave & be killed by Xtian Militias or Stay & die of hunger – @NewsRepublic.

182-Clergy tells Nigerians,Vote out corrupt leaders,put an end to ongoing massive looting of treasury –

183-More illegal settlements approved by Israel on Palestinian lands – @NewsRepublic.

184-In Sweden there’s been an intensification of hatred against Muslims as 5 injured in Mosque Attack – @NewsRepublic.

185-Christmas: Muslims protect Christian worshippers in Kaduna,Nigeria –

186-Worse than the Dictators: Egypt’s leaders bring pillars of freedom crashing down @NewsRepublic.

187-More than one-third of Netherlands 475 Mosques have experinced at least one Attack in recent time – @NewsRepublic.

188-Nigeria’s Opposition accuses Fed Government of suppressing report on missing $20billion oil money –

189-Insurgency: God is not happy with President Jonathan – Clergy –

190-UN calls on Myanmar to grant full citizenship rights to Muslim Rohingya – @NewsRepublic.

191-Israeli PM Netanyahu praises Nigeria’s President Jonathan for foiling Palestinian independence at UN Security Council –

192-Syria’s war killed 76,021 in 2014, 191,000 since the start of the conflict – @NewsRepublic.

193-Sweden Hit By Third Mosque Arson Attack In A Week – @NewsRepublic.

194-Pres Jonathan lacks capacity to fight insecurity,terrorism,corruption.A Corrupt Govt Cannot. –

195-Desperate parents of abducted Nigerian girls turn to U.N. – @NwesRepublic.

196-Fracking makes the earth shake,it’s like opening up old wounds & reactivating faults in the rock – @NewsRepublic.

197-Falling Oil Price: Nigerian stocks world’s worst performing,Confidence in Nigeria not yet,Macroeconomics very weak –

198-A UN commission has found that ethnic cleansing was committed against Muslim population in CAR – @NewsRepublic.

199-Pres Jonathan,most devisive leader Nigeria ever had,divided people along religious & ethnic lines for political gains –

200-Cameroon appeals for international military aid to fight Boko Haram – @NewsRepublic.


My Previous Tweets (Verbatim) 12.


1-Rewards from Worship + Good Deeds is the Money we would spend after death before the Day of Judgement..

2-God may overlook anyone ignoring me before I come out but no doubt,the person will lose Rewards..

3-But as soon as I come out ignoring me is rejecting God to become an Unbeliever that will suffer after death or go to Hell later..

4-Many know about me,they like me but are only waiting till I come out.

5-‘I’ll No Longer Handle Terrorism With Kid Gloves’,Jonathan Promises “NIG’S PRESIDENT WAS MISTAKEN BEFORE” –

6-Nigeria’s Houise Of Reps To Probe Oil Minister’s N10bn Expenditure On Private Jet –

7-Israeli architecture association faces ban from international forum over illegal Palestinian settlements –

8-U.N. rights investigator accuses Israel of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in pushing Palestinians out of east Jerusalem –

9-529 Egyptians Sentenced To Dearth in Killing of One Police Officer –

10-Corruption under Jonathan’s administration makes Nigeria’s former Ruler,Abacha a saint – Rivers APC –

11-Commentary: This Nigerian Government Is Inherently Wicked And Innately Evil –

12-Is The Massive Killing By So-Called Boko Haram State Sponsored? – Governor Murtala Nyako –

13-U.S. says imposing Egypt’s death sentences given to 529 people would be outrageous,shocking and without conscience –

14-U.N. criticises U.S. human rights record raising concerns on issues like Torture,Drone strikes,Gitmo Bay and Spying –

15-Believers amongst Christians who have known about me are simply wasting their time,their Pastors emboldening them are their greatest enemies

16-Part of what these Pastors teach them is to hate Islam and Muslims,but I swear,they are only hating themselves.

17-If you know what lies ahead then you’ll be sure that there’s no way anyone can get to God without practising Islam.

18-Nigeria loses $155bn to Money Laundering,Corruption.West paying lip service.Looting has reached epidemic proportion! –

19-Christian’s mentality about God is wrong.Our Owner,the Almighty God is not our Father but our Creator.Christians belittle God too much!

20-Human beings are God’s servants not children.Too degrading to think of God having children.We’re like His body parts serving Him willy-nilly

21-God begets not,nor was He begotten.Those calling Him Father are Polytheists or Unbelievers.There’s Only One Being,the Almighty God.

22-Christians in their wrong mentality say,’I’m serving a living God’,as if there are other Gods,some of whom they think are dead or dying.

23-Christians are like Fools for putting their WHOLE trust in something they are not sure of,simply because it is in their Bible..

24-And I’ve told them AUTHORITATIVELY that some things are written wrongly in the Bible,I urge them to rely more on Qur’an..

25-Qur’an,latest & last Book of God on Earth was dictated unlike Bible that was reported. Reported words,if not overstated will be understated.

26-I am greater than all the Christians,put together,in the world.God curse me if I’m not sure,I possess the Truth that they do not have.

27-UN is worried that its sponsored Burma census is not counting the long-persecuted Rohingya Muslims –

28-Nigeria’s National Conference: Delegates advocate death penalty for corrupt public officers –

29-Nigeria’s President,Jonathan says,Terror attack on one is an attack on us all –

30-Central African Republic: are we ignoring Rwanda (where genocide happened) all over again? –

31-Egypt deports a rights campaigner lobbying against mass death sentences –

32-What happened in Rwanda (genocide) is happening again in Central African Republic –

33-US slams Nigeria: Corruption is extremely high in this country – Dep.Asst.Secretary of State –

34-Nigeria becomes Africa’s biggest economy ‘though it changes nothing’ –


36-U.N. Accepts Palestinian Treaty Applications Saying That They Were Made In Due And Proper Form –

37-How I wish people see Boko Haram,Al Qaeda,Taliban,etc,for what they really are..

38-The Extremists are not Muslims,though they said they are.They are followers of Satan,and Satan is number one enemy of Islam..

39-Can anyone not see that Boko Haram,Al Qaeda,etc,are enemies of Islam? They make people run away from the religion,which is Satan’s intention

40-I know Islam very well,it teaches NO VIOLENCE at all,those who don’t know should ask,don’t just interpret Qur’an anyhow..

41-Where fightings were mentioned in the Qur’an,they were in response to specific incidences,especially after war was imposed on Muslims.

42-Are you surprised that wars Prophet Muhammed fought were imposed?..

43-Arabs then were Pagans,when Proph Muhammed began preaching about Islam,they saw it a threat to their way of life,and decided to uproot Islam

44-God asked Prophet Muhammed,would you surrender? Then He commanded him to face the Pagans..

45-So if not that they were first attacked,Prophet Muhammed would never have fought a single war.

46-Why will anyone be willingly wasting his/her own time?..

47-Christian Believers,God curse me if I’m not sure,you don’t belong to that religion,Islam is your religion,stop wasting your time!..

48-Xtian Believers,why will you continue to do a religion Jesus of Nazareth never did? Remember,Jesus of Nazareth was never ever a Christian!

49-God Himself named Islam as the religion for all Believers (Qur’an).

50-Christians think they love Jesus but I swear,they don’t,they are like Al Qaida,Taliban,etc,that considered themselves best Muslims..

51-Jesus of Nazareth hates what Christians are calling him because he knows that he’s not God,or Son of God,or even the Saviour of mankind.

52-Besieged Muslims face murder,starvation in Central African Republic –

53-If any Christian really wants to love Jesus of Nazareth,it’s simple and you know Now: Abandon Christianity and embrace God’s religion,Islam

54-Jesus of Nazareth hates what Christians are saying about him because he knows that God will query him about it..

55-No Messenger or Prophet of God would ever like to be called what he’s not.

56-No-fly list used by America’s FBI to coerce Muslims into informing,or as punishment,lawsuit claims –

57-I am not to be opposed by any Believer as no one can argue with truth.I know I will prevail.That confidence is always with me.

58-Contrary to many Muslims’ belief,Jesus of Nazareth was actually crucified,but it was meant to indicate another death (spiritual),by 2nd Jesus

59-There are two Jesus,and Jesus of Nazareth attested to this when he said in John 14/26 that God would send another person in his name..

60-Former Jesus is known by two names in the Qur’an: Jesus,son of Mary,or simply,Son of Mary,while the 2nd Jesus is known by 4 ..

61-The second Jesus in the Qur’an is called (1)Jesus,(2) Messiah,(3) Messiah Jesus,or (4) Messiah Jesus,son of Mary..

62-The secnd Jesus was not born,but his constructed body put with Mary,similar to Adam’s that was placed on earth b/4 God breathed into it..

63-Former Jesus’ death was nothing extraordinary,first,he did not suffer,God would not allow that,and 2nd,he wasn’t the only Prophet killed..

64-What Qur’an said that Jesus of Nazareth was not killed is when he comes back again,and it refers to spiritual death not bodily..

65-The 2nd Jesus will die spiritually for Salvation Q3/55,but God said his death won’t be final as he would enter Paradise with his other soul.

66-Christians,stop causing Jesus of Nazareth emotional sufferings and pains through your unguarded and unfounded utterances.

67-Muslims are created for God unlike the Unbelievers that are for the world,their non-violent Politics must reflect this..

68-We would see the miracle Egypt coup leader will perform when he gets to power.

69-Former U.S. test site sues nuclear nations for disarmament failure and flagrant violation of international law –

70-Russia’s Pres calls Internet,America’s CIA Project,fanning idea of Internet break up that’s gaining ground worldwide –

71-Adam and Jesus are similar in having no parents,both are our Progenitors in 1st and 2nd lives on Earth.But Jesus of Nazareth had parents..

72-Jesus of Nazareth was conceived and born biologically by Mary.Who was his father? Qur’an told us,and he’s certainly not God..

73-Read my account of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth from my earliest post,Hamid Tiamiyu’s Blog for Record,No 32 at WordPress or Blogger.

74-The fact that your prayers are answered where you are does not mean that you should continue to stay there if it’s not where God wants..

75-Life is God’s Test,fellow beings on Earth,wake up!..

76-God is the God of all,He will answer prayers and provide for everyone irrespective of who or where you are on Earth,but not so after death..

77-After death,God will reject anyone who did not correctly believe in Him,worship and do good deeds,he/she will also go to Hell later.

78-Central African Republic: Bangui mosque looted after Muslim exodus –

79-Egyptian court recommends death sentence for 683 Muslim Brotherhood supporters –

80-Resignation of South Korean PM: Nigerian leaders must hold themselves to higher standards – APC –

81-People fear death too much whereas it’s just like travelling from one place of abode to another..

82-Only Disbelievers should fear death because they will have no money (rewards from believing correctly,worship & good deeds) to spend there.

83-I’m fully convinced that there’s life after death,that is,before the Day of Judgement,I only pity the Unbelievers.

84-Egypt’s Sisi says Muslim Brotherhood is finished: THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT,EGYPTIANS WANT THEIR ECONOMY & WELLBEING FIXED –

85-Lagos Gov Threatens To Sanction Churches,Mosques Over Noise Pollution: ALL STATES SHOULD TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY –

86-Boko Haram,ideologically bankrupt,no point negotiating with them,they MUST be defeated – Ugandan President –

87-Since UN Gen Assembly Has Recognised State of Palestine,Watchdogs Urge Palestinians to Turn to World Court –

88-Petition to President Jonathan: Please Cut the Outrageous Pay of Nigerian Legislators “EVEN,UNICAMERAL OKAY FOR NOW –

89-Hillary Clinton accuses Jonathan’s government of squandering oil money,aiding corruption –

90-Boko Haram is being sponsored to rubbish Islam – Muslim cleric –

91-Former Israeli PM Olmert Sentenced To Six-Year Jail Term For Corruption “NIGERIAN POLITICIANS!” –

92-Syria’s Government Still Using Chemical Weapons On Rebel-Held Areas –

93-I hate Christians statement on Boko Haram converting abducted girls,the Terrorists are not real Muslims,even they’re indirectly helping you.

94-Religion is never by force but by conviction,this is also in the Qur’an..

95-I can’t imagine anyone willingly accepting Islam because of Boko Haram but many will hate Islam because of it,and they’re not real Muslims!

96-France says Syria used chlorine in 14 recent attacks | Ruters –

97-Israeli Official: Gas Attacks Continue in Syria –

98-Boko Haram are enemies of Islam,they’ve killed many Muslims and Imams,bombed & levelled down Mosques,they’re not targeting only Christians..

99-B/Haram indirectly help Xtians thro the exodus of people into it,pple easily run away from Islam b/c of the activities of the terror group

100-America Says,The Nigerian Military Is Corrupt,Afraid To Engage (Fearful of Boko Haram) –

101-War Against Boko Haram: Nigerian Soldiers Say THey Are Ill-Equipped,Betrayed By Commanders,Authorities In Abuja –

102-COMMENTARY: Missing $20b Oil Money.Who Said What: Is This Not Enough Financial Recklessness? Nigerians Are Watching! –

103-Lebanese President Urges Hezbollah to Leave Syria “THEY SHOULD ALSO DISARM IN LEBANON” –

104-UK summons Sudan over death penalty for Xtian convert.Sudan Govt ought to act instantly.UK shd also intervene in Egypt mass death sentences.

105-Today,sharia cannot be practised exactly as it was done during Prophet Muhammed,world is changing and Muslims must move with it islamically

106-God’s plan is,as we progress in the knowledge of God sharia will decrease,but no matter the height the knowledge,sharia must always be appld

107-You cannot succeed in God without practising sharia,but sharia alone is nothing if you do not know God.

108-Women In Love With Priests Write A Letter To The Pope Asking Him To End Celibacy Rules –

109-In Sharia,marriage is compulsory,God has never ordered celibacy.

110-The White House,Or America Govt Finally Promised To Stop Using Polio Campaigns As Fronts For Spying –

111-COMMENTARY: Nigeria Is Dying For Leadership –

112-Attempt by Pastor to implicate Muslims by Duplicating Boko Haram in Osun State,Nigeria Flops –

113-#HamidTiamiyu Read firsthand from this man of God being sent to you,and indeed everyone in the world @hamidtiamiyu

114-Those who’ll go to Hell will also have sth they hold on tightly to,God CURSE me if I’m not sure,Jesus of Nazareth NOT on the side of Xtians.

115-French troops battle Muslim rebels in Central African Republic “HOW I WISH THEY DO SAME TO THE CHRISTIAN MILITIAS” –

116-Muslim youths mutilated in Central African Republic by Christian Militia –

117-#HamidTiamiyu God CURSE me if I’m not sure,Jesus of Nazareth NOT on the side of Christians.

118-Large-Scale Corruption is a Crime Against Humanity – Petition to ICC Prosecutor –

119-#HamidTiamiyu Muslims believe in God,Unbelievers believe in the world,Those who believe in the world will suffer when they leave the world.

120-#HamidTiamiyu Believers in God are ONLY those who believed correctly in Him.

121-Family Stones Pakistani Woman to Death in ‘Honor Killing’ Outside Court “HONOUR KILLING IS PURE CRIMINALITY” –

122-Israeli lawmakers introduce legislation to annex occupied land –

123-Israeli Forces Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque In A Spiralling Wave Of Hate Crimes By The Israelis Targeting Mosques & Churches –

124-President Jonathan Inspects Made In Nigeria Cars,Says Ready For Export Soon –

125-U.S. says intends to work with Palestinian unity government of Fatah and Hamas –

126-World Islamic Body (OIC) Disowns Boko Haram’s Claim of Being a Muslim Sect,Says They Are Simply Terrorists –

127-Despite The State of Emergency Declared Boko Haram Is Seizing Villages in Northeastern Nigeria –

128-Nigerian Senators Negotiate Bribe To Endorse Report On Missing Petro-Billions –

129-Believers amongst you Christians,be very CONFIDENT to start observing Salat because it is compulsory for all Believers..

130-I don’t have any slight doubt,I am 100% sure that Christianity as we have it now is NOT the way to God Almighty..

131-Forget what people have been doing before,now the Real Truth has come again with me,anyone willing to go to God MUST follow me..

132-I am 100% sure,there is no alternative to me,anyone that will rejoice after death and go to Paradise later MUST now follow me..

133-China,India,Japan,Korea.. know that U didn’t create yourselves,d Almighty Creator sent me to tell U to follow me that U can rejoice aft death

134-Many many important people across the world know about me now,tell me directly that you believe in me,follow me on Twitter,FB or write me..

135-Somehow let’s begin to obey God together,starting with Salat.I know,not everybody will believe in me though I would be useful to all..

136-God Himself secretly made some Believers and the rest Unbelievers,there will always be two people on Earth,let’s live together in peace.

137-#HamidTiamiyu I am God’s Representative on Earth now while Prophets Muhammed,Abraham,Moses and Jesus of Nazareth are like ex-Presidents.

138-Call for return to real democracy in Egypt.What kind of democracy condemns hundreds to death in a trial lasting mins? –

139-Always Very Sad to hear about Taliban,Al Qaeda,Al Sabab,Boko Haram..These Followers of Satan will not reign forever,just for a little while.

140-Bashar al Assad Tops List Of Syria War Crimes Suspects Handed To International Criminal Court Says Former Prosecutor –

141-Activists Who Challenged Egypt’s Protest Ban Are Sentenced to 15 Years –

142-Dismay At Latest Israel Illegal Settlement Expansion: Act Of Aggression And Disregard For Palestine & Int’l Com’nity –

143-Pakistan Condemns US Drone Strikes That Killed 16,Says It Violates Pakistani Sovereignty & Territorial Integrity –

144-UN Says,Taliban Changing From Religious Group To Criminal Enterprise “WHAT RELIGION? THEY ARE FOLLOWERS OF SATAN” –

145-Muslims Worldwide must stop identifying themselves as Sunnis or Shiites,Satan is the one behind this division,and has no place in real Islam

146-Now the Almighty God has raised me up to lead Islam,His religion.I am neither a Sunni nor Shiite,but only a Muslim,and so shd all Believers.

147-Rights Group Condemns Israel’s Mass Arrests Of Palestinians Over Missing Teens As Collective Punishment –

148-Nigeria’s Ex-Governors Milk Their States Using Obnoxious Pension Laws While The Citizenry Die In Poverty –

149-Lies can only run,they can’t hide,truth ‘ll catch up and overtake it one day.I’m sure,real peaceful Islam,UNDER ME,will prevail in the world

150-U.S. Condemns Sri Lanka Violence That Killed Muslims: Violence On Muslim Minorities By Buddhists Similar To Myanmar –

151-Nigeria Ranks Top Investment Destination In Africa – Report –

152-Pres Jonathan Is Taking Nigeria Back To Military Era – APC Reacts To Barring Of Its Governors From Entering Ekiti –

153-ARTICLE: Nigeria’s Descent Into Fascism And Abacha-ism – Governing With Impunity And Disdain For Its Citizens –

154-Presbyterians In America Vote To Divest From Companies Aiding Israel In Its Occupation Of Palestinian Territories –

155-U.N. Urges Israeli Restraint In Hunt For The Three Missing Teens: The Rising Death Toll Of Palestinians Is Alarming –

156-This world is too small and it’s because people don’t realise that they’ve refused to believe in God and accept His religion that is,Islam..

157-I’m sure that all other religions apart from Islam,actually teaches people to believe in the world rather than the Owner of the world,God..

158-#HamidTiamiyu People Now love the world and hate Islam,the religion of the Almighty God,Owner of the world.

159-Christians lead others to hate Islam,but it’s themselves they’re hating,Islam is God religion,it will prevail in the world,none can stop it

160-Muslims are very peaceful people the Extremists that the world used to define Islam are not real Muslims,they are in fact Followers of Satan

161-Even what’s the pcentage of the Extremists calling themselves Muslims? They’re not up to 10%,more than 90% of Muslims are actually peaceful

162-Xtians CANNOT make what’s wrong right,Jesus of Nazareth is NOT God or Son of God,Ur religion is bsd on 100% Falsehood,it won’t take U to God

163-I also abhor ISIS campaign of terror,ISIS are not real Muslims,they’re under Satan.The Sunni/Shia division in Islam is artificial & Satanic.

164-German leader,Merkel says Iraq government must be pressured to embrace all groups –

165-Boko Haram Fallout: Nigeria’s President,Jonathan Hires Public Relations Firm For $1.2m To Alter Media Narrative –

166-Nigeria’s Confab Adopts True Federalism With States As Federating Units.Anti-Corruption Agencies Given More Powers –

167-Transparency International Blasts Nigeria’s Govt For Dropping Corruption Charges (#446.3bn) Against Abacha –

168-Fellow Believers in God,ramadan fast is compulsory,one of the 5 pillars of worship.I invite Believers in World to join us,world is too small

169-I am not guessing about God,none compares to me,the reason anyone can ignore me is,you want to waste your time,or you are destined for Hell.

170-Again,ISIS are not real Muslims,they are under Satan,Real Muslims don’t behave the way they’re doing,so how can they form an Islamic State?

171-And no one should become Leader of world Muslims by force,this can only be by consensus Now that is,before I come out.

172-I strongly condemn Israel’s excessive reactions after her 3 Teenagers were kidnapped,no reasonable person likes the kidnapping..

173-But Israel’s reaction has been brutal,barbaric and collective punishment of Palestinians..

174-Israel has already killed many Palestinians,detained hundreds,and many of their homes destroyed,yet she says,it’s just the beginning.

175-God belongs to both Believers & Unbelievers,He’s made the world Paradise for Unbelievers,so they’re FREE,don’t need to observe Salat or Fast

176-For Believers,they are contented in this world,also they will rejoice after death,and on the Day of Judgement,they will go to real Paradise.

177-China Bans Ramadan Fast in Muslim Northwest “THAT SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE IN TODAYS WORLD,WHERE IS THE U.N?” –

178-Nigeria’s President,Jonathan joins Muslim faithfuls in Ramadan fasting –

179-Egypt Under President Sisi Is Failing At Every Level On Human Rights –

180-Don’t Take Revenge In Our Names,Say Families Of Murdered Israeli And Palestinian Teenagers –

181-Myanmar Buddhists Threaten Death To All Muslims In Mandalay Unrest –

182-Islamic Professionals Write Sultan Of Sokoto To Engage Boko Haram As They’ve Become A Huge Embarrassment To Islam –

183-Generally,which parts of the world look like Paradise? Muslim areas? God is not unkind,He will not suffer people twice,on Earth & in Heaven

184-Remember I said God intentionally made some Believers and the others Unbelievers,He’ll care for the two becos no one asked Him to create him

185-No one can blame God for making him Believer or Unbeliever since He had not told anybody what He made him,U will cause Ur own joy or sorrow

186-Nothing can happen if God had not planned it,reason He deliberately made some Believers and others Unbelievers purposely for Paradise & Hell

187-One thing that’s very clear to me and which I want the World to take note of is,anyone that disobeys me will not rejoice after death.

188-Disobeying me #HamidTiamiyu is disobeying the Almighty God because I am His Representative on Earth now,you are FREE to believe or not..

189-It’s possible for a poor person to disbelieve and suffer after death,but that won’t be the end as we do come to this world more than once..

190-I’m very sure that the poor Unbeliever will come back to enjoy his/her Paradise on Earth,God won’t suffer anyone twice,on Earth & in Heaven.

191-The Almighty God has made it incumbent upon Himself to care for both Believers and Unbelievers alike because we did not ask Him to create us

192-For Believers,if you suffer anything in this world,God records it for you as act of worship,Believers don’t worry as such,they are contented

193-And sufferings for Believers come from two,(1) to cleanse you of your past misdeeds,or (2) to test you,both are acts of worship or ibadah.

194-Israel steps up Gaza offensive,killed 12 Palestinians,and wounded dozen others –

195-In checking Gaza militants provocation,I strongly urge Israel to be God-fearing,you’ve always been excessive in reaction,brutal and barbaric

196-Brutality Of The Israeli Crackdown: UK Govt Must Step Up Efforts To End Israel Occupation Of Palestinian Territories –

197-It is difficult for the Palestinians to keep quiet under Israel’s oppressive occupation..

198-The way Israel behaves doesn’t show she believes in God,reason I once said no real Believer will love to befriend Israel..

199-It’s easy for Israel to make peace with the Palestinians if she really wants it because she is the powerful one..

200-But the real fact is Israel doesn’t want peace with the Palestinians,her aim is to get rid of them,and it is very risky.

My Previous Tweets (Verbatim) 11.


1-Nigerians,rise up,National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) must stop operating in the dark – Ribadu –

2-Revealed: Australia tried to monitor Indonesian president’s phone –

3-Angry reaction in Indonesia to news of ‘illegal’ Australian phone tapping –

4-Bulletproof Cars: Reps (Nig) Recommend 3-year Jail Term For Oduah –

5-Egypt’s interim leader says won’t run for presidency “FOR CREDIBILITY,ARMY CHIEF THAT OUSTED MORSI SHD ALSO NOT RUN” –

6-90% of Nigeria’s politicians are too selfish – Bishop Okonkwo –

7-UN urges Myanmar to grant rights to Rohingya –

8-The UN should really act to check America and British excessive spying,I’m not a terrorist,but they’ve bugged my phones which I don’t like..

9-Also I’m very sure America has been watching me from satellite since around 2007.

10-I am a 100% good person with no evil intentions at all,although I will fight for justice and declare war on extremism tarnishing Islam.

11-Police disrupts anti-corruption protest in Abuja,Nigeria –

12-Terrible Scandal! Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) sold $20.9bn crude,remitted only $7bn –

13-There’s nothing to gain from spying on me,I’m not a terrorist,I’m an honourable man of God,I wish those concerned will stop henceforth..

14-I am being sent by God,and no one will stop me from achieving what God is sending me to do,that is the truth.

15-How Crude Oil Is Stolen,Refined,and Sold in Nigeria “FOR THE ATTENTION OF PRESIDENT JONATHAN” –

16-N255m cars: Pres Jonathan (Nig) silent on Reps report;lawmakers recommends Stella Oduah’s sack,3-year jail term –

17-When Mob Was Rohingya,Myanmar’s Response Ruthless “NEED FOR ACCOUNTABILITY” –

18-Nigeria’s Excess Crude Account: Explain how $5bn got missing – Gov Nyako tells FG –

19-No more Islam,says Angolan president Dos Santos.”ISLAM IS GOD’S RELIGION,AND NO ONE,HOWEVER POWERFUL,CAN STOP IT” –

20-God and I also hate violent Muslims,and they will be dealt with,but real peaceful Islam would prevail in the world,no one will stop it.

21-Nomination of former Gov Mu’azu Adamu as Pension Comm Chairman – an endorsement of Corruption by Nig’s Pres Jonathan –

22-Actually,those spying on me know that I am not a terrorist,but just out of curiosity.Still,I don’t like it,I reserve my right to privacy..

23..And why the interest when they don’t assist or help me in any way?

24-And let me warn Angolan president Dos Santos and his ministers that Jesus they probably believe in CANNOT save them except they accept Islam

25-Edward Snowden a ‘hero’ for American NSA disclosures,Wikipedia founder says –

26-UN advances surveillance resolution reaffirming ‘human right to privacy’ –

27-Egypt jails girls (for 11 years) over pro- Morsi demonstration “GOD IS ALSO WATCHING” –

28-God decreed that there be Believers and Non-believers because of Paradise and Hell,but foolish Extremists want everyone to be like them.

29-Human Rights Activists accuse Angola of banning Islam –

30-Malawi’s President,Banda wants African leaders to defeat corruption now “NIGERIA,PLEASE TAKE THE LEAD!” –

31-Britons (public figures) protest over Israel plan to remove 70,000 Palestinian Bedouins –

32-Governor Amaechi laments insecurity,oil theft;says Nigeria needs a competent person as president –

33-Nigeria’s Transport Minister asked to account for the billions of naira he is frittering –

34-Bashar al-Assad,top Syrian officials involved in war crimes – UN. –

35-Senators (Nigeria) seek seven-year jail term for social media critics –

36-Nigeria’s poor ranking on global corruption index a reality check “PRESIDENT,FIGHT CORRUPTION BY ACTION NOT WORDS!”

37-In an Israeli Plan (to resettle Palestinians),Bedouins See a Threat to Their Way of Life –

38-National Assembly should investigate Nigeria’s oil revenue mystery –

39-U.S. defence chief to visit Pakistan for talks “PAKISTAN OUGHT TO REJECT ANY TALKS UNTIL ILLEGAL DRONE STRIKES STOP” –

40-I cannot hide my admiration for Thailand’s prime minister,Yingluck Shinawatra,the way she has handled the protests in her country..

41..She is a leader with good heart,not desperate at all,she is 100% different from Syria’s president,Bashar al-Assad..

42-Bashar al-Assad and his backers Iran and Russia,stand on NOTHING judging by the huge number of Syrians that have already died.

43-Thailand’s PM Yingluck to dissolve parliament and call elections “THE OPPOSITION ARE ANTI-DEMOCRATS” –

44-America Warns Pakistan Leaders Over Border Protests “THOSE TAKING U.S. AIDS IN RETURN FOR DRONE OPPRESSION ARE FOOLS” –

45-Corruption: Speaker Tambuwal blasts Nigeria Govt and EFCC (Anti-Corruption Agency) –

46-We As Leaders Have Stolen Nigeria Blind,Says Gov Aliyu –


48-State surveillance of personal data is theft,say world’s leading authors –

49-Rights groups demand Egypt probe killings of deposed president (Mursi) supporters –

50-“The NNPC Has Stolen $50 billion Of Crude Oil Earnings”- Transcript of The Letter From Nig Bank Gov To Pres Jonathan –

51-Pres Jonathan,2 Ministers: Alison-Madueke & Okonjo-Iweala Involved In NNPC Diversion Of $50 Billion Crude Oil Funds –

52-Former Pres Obasanjo Writes President Jonathan,Accuses Him Of Lying,Destroying Nigeria And Promoting Corruption –

53-Nigeria’s Jonathan told not to stand in 2015 by mentor Obasanjo –

54-Israel’s Occupation Of Palestine,Another Apartheid. –

55-U.S. general who opened Guantanamo prison says it was a mistake and should never have been opened –

56-Ex-US President,Bush charges Nigerians to hold elected officials accountable –

57-We will stop stealing if you start throwing stones at us – Governor Amaechi tells Nigerians –

58-Nigerians would be fools if they re-elect current politicians ruling the country,or is their any amongst them that’s not utterly corrupt?

59-Nigerians may revolt against leaders sooner – Governor Oshiomhole, –

60-Again,what we have in Nigeria are many insincere politicians going into office to get rich rather than serving people..

61-Nigeria should really devise a perfect or near-perfect system to stop corrupt politicians from looting the treasuries.

62-Yemeni parliament votes against drone attacks “GOVT SHOULD ASK FOR TROOPS SUPPORT RATHER THAN THE TERROR DRONES’ –

63-Major US academic body backs boycott of Israeli educational institutions over ill-treatment of Palestinians –

64-54% of Nigerian youths were unemployed in 2012 –

65-President Jonathan unveils Nigeria’s first indigenous Drone “THAT’S NOT BAD!” –

66-Egyptians fear return to authoritarianism as Gen Sisi ‘controls the police,army,judiciary,and the media’ –

67-World Bank president calls corruption ‘Public Enemy No.1’ –

68-Israeli Ministers Demand End to US Spying –

69-I’m an authority on God,I say to Christians,God doesn’t need your Xmas or Church services,instead He has made Salat compulsory for Believers

70-Pastor Kumuyi warns,stop celebrating Christmas,it is idolatry “EVEN XTIANITY BASED ON WORSHIP OF JESUS IS IDOLATRY” –

71-Wife of President Jonathan Got Costly Import Waivers For a Private Company (Coscharis) to import 200 BMWs –

72-I’m sure if Nigerian masses know the extent of corruption by their leaders there would be great commotion..

73-It’s after getting to office that politicians in Nigeria are now buying private jets!

74-America condemns Syrian government for air raids killing hundreds “BARE CONDEMNATION IS NOTHING” –

75-Is it a sin to say the truth? I’M NOT GUESSING AT ALL,Jesus of Nazareth is not son of God,he’s not God,and he is not the Messiah or Saviour.

76-Christians,I love you,believe in me,I know very clearly that you are wrong.There’s no alternative to believing in me except disbelief in God


78-Egypt Muslim Brotherhood declared ‘terrorist group’ “THAT’S MUSIC TO THE WEST!” –

79-U.N. Human Rights Chief says she takes internet privacy as seriously as human rights abuses –

80-Important Personalities Say,It’s Time To End Israel’s Gaza Blockade –

81-Egypt likely to call presidential poll first to elect army chief as head of state “THE MAIN REASON FOR THE COUP” –

82-Monitoring Group says Syrian death toll passes 130,000 “GOD WILL HOLD BASHAR AL ASSAD,RUSSIA AND IRAN RESPONSIBLE” –


84-Again,Islam is God’s only religion but since Hell is real,other religions will exist,forever side by side with Islam.

85-President Jonathan Seeks N1.8billion To Fund Ghost Project (Nigeria’s 2014 Budget).

86-Egyptian regime accused of killing at least 1,120 in claim to ICC “THE CRIMES SHOULD NOT BE SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET” –

87-Indian Court Says Pre-marital Sex is Immoral and Against the Tenets of Every Religion on Earth “EVERYBODY,TAKE NOTE!”

88-President Jonathan’s 11th private jet! “INSENSITIVE,FRIVOLOUS,LAVISH LIFESTYLE!” –

89-Germany Adds Lessons in Islam to Better Blend Its Melting Pot –

90-From beginning to the end,God has created no one like me,I’m a two-in-one person.Why? God will use one of me to save mankind..

91-The Saviour must die spiritually,not bodily.No Believer can afford to do it except the one and only person endowed by God with two Spirits.

92-God has stopped creating new human beings more than a thousand years ago when He said Prophet Muhammed was the last Prophet..

93-If new human beings are created,then they must have their own new Prophet,but Muhammed (PBOH) has been made the last..

94-I am not new in the sense that my message is already contained in the Qur’an though no one can really know them until I come out.

95-Two lives for mankind,but the second will only be a recreation of the first,though from a new progenitor..

96-God began the Creation,He will repeat it,before we return to Him.Qur’an 30/11,etc.

97-Apart from our two lives on Earth,it’s compulsory that we come to this world several times to accomplish God’s wish on us. Qur’an 80/17-23.

98-“Nigeria’s 2014 Budget,Really Insensitive”.

99-Nigeria’s Anti-corruption Agency (EFCC) Says 17 former governors embezzled at least N350 billion –

100-Israel’s Minister Calls Settlers’ Attacks on Palestinians Outright Terror “THANK YOU,BUT STOP ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS” –


102-How Vested Interests Are Killing Nigeria By Central Bank Governor,Sanusi –

103-The Truth About Israel’s Secret Nuclear Arsenal “AND THE WEST’S DOUBLE STANDARD!” –

104-I’ll soon be 50,though not celebrated I’m not afraid,because I know very clearly that God has made me the most important truth on Earth now

105-I am not worried because I will succeed,no one will stop me,my message shall be everlasting,and my followers will prevail in the world.

106-U.N. Says Israeli Settlers’ Attacks On Palestinians Rising Yearly For The Past Eight Years –

107-E.U. Ministers to back sending force to Central African Republic “BUT NEVER TO SYRIA!” –

108-Nig’s S-Court Orders FG to Prosecute Late Head of State’s Son “NO MORE DELAY,BUT WHAT OF THE LIVING FORMER HEADS?” –

109-Ezekwesili Challenges Nig’s Minister to Account for Missing $10.8 Billion Oil Money:NNPC EXPLANATION,AN AFTERTHOUGHT –

110-Extremists are a stain on Islam,and very harmful.No real Muslim would ever say:I’ll kill you if you say bad about Islam,or Prophet Muhammed

111-Nigeria:Expensive Leaders,Poor Economy.Government Gets 70%,Nigerians 30%! –

112-Al-Quds Panel Urges Action On Israeli Settlements “PAYING LIP SERVICE” –

113-Assad Says Giving Up Power Not For Discussion:I WONDER NEGOTIATING WT SOMEONE WHO OVERSAW KILLING OF 130,000 SYRIANS –

114-Central African Republic Muslim Minorities killed in sectarian fighting –

115-Ex-Gov.Mu’azu,Accused Of Stealing N19.8billion,Is New Ruling Party Chair (Nig):STOP RECYCLING CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS! –

116-Evidence of ‘industrial-scale killing’ by Syria spurs call for war crimes charges –


118-If I become leader I will be very just and the World will rejoice..

119-What would turn leaders now to followers later is because they are not just.And mark my words: Those with me will prevail in the world.


121-Egypt interim PM backs Army Chief for President “HE SHOULD NOT RUN NOW IF HE’S REALLY SINCERE” –

122-Rights Group says Rohingya Muslims Massacred in Myanmar “U.N.,WHY SHOULD THEY CONTINUE TO BE STATELESS?” –

123-Widespread Looting And Death Threats Against Muslims in Central African Republic –


125-U.N. warns,Gaza is rapidly becoming uninhabitable due to Israel’s (and Egypt) suffocating policies –

126-Anti-Corruption Group Asks OPEC To Remove Nigerian Minister Chosen As Its Alternate President –


128-Dear President Jonathan,Corruption Is Nigeria’s Number One Problem,Boko Haram Can Only Be Number Two –

129-U.N. Says Central African Republic’s Minority Muslims Under Constant Attacks –

130-Egypt Army Chief El-Sissi Promoted To Field Marshal After Successful Coup D’etat,May Run For President! –

131-U.N. Condemns Egypt’s Increasing Clampdown And Physical Attacks On Journalists –

132-Will A Military Leader Become Egypt’s New Strongman? “SURELY,FM SISI’S ELECTION WOULDN’T BODE WELL FOR DEMOCRACY” –

133-US Warns Israel Over Distortion Of Her Statements “AMERICA LIKE A FOOL,WHY ALWAYS FEARING ISRAEL,IS ISRAEL GOD?” –


135-Boko Haram Arrests Stoke Profiling Fears “ALL YOU NEED TO QUALIFY AS BOKO HARAM IN S/E NIG IS WEAR A BEARD & CAFTAN” –

136-2015:We Will Make Nigeria Ungovernable If Jonathan Fails To Return – A.Dokubo “THE WORLD SHOULD PLS NOT KEEP QUIET” –


138-US Government Commends Nigeria’s Free Media Environment “KEEP IT UP!” –

139-Nigeria’s Oil Company (NNPC) has been diverting money from the Federation Account and doing activities that warrant full investigation – CBN

140-$20bn Crude Sales by Nigeria’s Oil Company (NNPC) Not In Federation Account – Central Bank Governor –

141-U.N. Says UAE Judiciary Lacks Independence “WHAT ELSE DO THEY EXPECT UNDER ABSOLUTE MONARCHY?” –

142-Israel Negotiator Says Some Members Of Government Are Against Any Kind Of Peace Agreement With The Palestinians –

143-Vatican Let Abuse Of Kids Go On For Decades,U.N. Panel Says –

144-Human Rights Watch Says Iraqi Authorities Are Illegally Detaining Thousands Of Women And Torturing Many –

145-In Nigeria,Where Graft Is the System; Corruption,Top To Bottom,Pervades Life There –

146-US Military Steps Up Operations In The Horn Of Africa “GOOD,BUT I STRONGLY OPPOSE AMERICA’S TERROR DRONES” –

147-Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes at five-year high: aid groups –

148-Central African Republic’s Muslim Civilians At Risk “VIOLENCE HAS REACHED INTOLERABLE AND UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS” –

149-Muslims Flee Central African Republic Capital,Chased By Christian Jeers –

150-Conference Of Nig Political Parties Urges Pres Jonathan To Order Independent Inquiry Into The Oil Company Accounts –

151-4,482 Protesters Already Killed In Egypt,16,687 Jailed “SO THAT THE ARMY CHIEF CAN BECOME PRESIDENT?” –

152-Ethnic Cleansing Of Central African Republic’s Muslims Alleged –

153-No one should be punished for being a Believer or Non-believer because God intentionally created the two purposely for Paradise and Hell..

154-I’m sure Believers should not practise homosexuality but Non-believers are free,U.N. should compel countries of the world not to punish Gays.

155-God had destroyed Peoples before for non-believing but never again,especially after He had sent the last Prophet,Muhammed,so let the Gays be

156-The sin of homosexuality is by far less than the Christians worshipping Jesus that is not God.Again,World,please let the Gays be!

157-In Breach Of U.N. Convention,Hundreds Of Palestinian Children Are Tried Yearly In Israeli Military Courts –

158-North Korea’s Leaders Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity –

159-Governor Of Nigeria’s Central Bank Is Fired After Warning Of Missing Oil Revenue –


161-Nigeria’s Government Insures Police Officers With N3.5bn “REALLY COMMENDABLE,THOUGH LONG OVERDUE” –

162-U.N. Rights Envoy Points To Apartheid In Palestinian Areas –

163-Rights Group Says Myanmar Rohingya Muslims Discrimination Is State Policy –

164-U.N. Says Christian Militia Groups Surround Muslim Refugee Camps In Central African Republic Ready To Attack Them –

165-“This Is The Highest Level Of Corruption In The History Of Nigeria”- Amaechi Tackles Nigeria’s Govt On Oil Theft –


167-Sanusi Lamido Is Sacrificed But $20bn Oil Money Is Still Missing In Nigeria –

168-Satan is the one controlling the world now.Look at Christians for example,anyone would think they’re right,but I am 100% sure they are wrong

169-Followers of Jesus of Nazareth were only right before the advent of Prophet Muhammed just like the jews were right only before Jesus came..

170-I will overcome Satan,wake up the Christians,and Believers amongst them will surely accept Islam..

171-Satan has made Islam look like the religion of the Devil but it is not.I swear Islam is God’s only religion.Believe it or not..

172-Abraham,Moses,Jesus and Muhammed were all Prophets of the only one God,Allah.And all Prophets of God will come back to practise Islam.

173-Again,somebody may want to ask,if Christians are not right,why are their prayers answered?..

174-Is it only Christians that their prayers are answered? Ask other Faiths’ Adherents..

175-God is everywhere and for everybody in this world since He created us all.

176-If prayers of adherents of faiths are not answered,they’ll abandon their faiths.Also,non-believers will believe should they lack everything.

177-America Says,In Nigeria,Corruption,Official Impunity,And Gross Human Rights Violations Occur At Will –

178-At White House,Israel’s Netanyahu pushes back against Obama diplomacy “SHAME ON AMERICA FOR FEARING ISRAEL” –

179-Kerosene Subsidy Fraud: Conference Of Nigerian Political Parties Asks Finance Minister Okonjo-Iweala To Resign –

180-Rights Group Petitions International Criminal Court,Says There’s Urgent Need To Unmask Boko Haram Sponsors For Trial –

181-U.N. Says World Powers Responsible For Failing To Stop Syria War Crimes –

182-I cannot imagine anyone better than me in good intentions.I thank God for this,and people should pray that I be enabled to actualize them.

183-U.N. Criticizes Violence Against Egypt Protesters “THE EGYPTIAN GOVT SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ITS ACTIONS’


185-Nigerians Ask Why Oil Funds Are Missing –

186-Although Iran is wrong supporting Hezbollah and Gaza militants but Israel cannot be absolved from blame..

187-If Israel had been nice to the Palestinians and had made peace with them there would be no reason for any resistant group..

188-Yes,Arabs first made mistake but Israel had never really been peace-loving by her actions.

189-Palestinians already recognise Israel as a State,forcing them to accept it as Jewish unnecessary,refugee problem should only be negotiated

190..Israel has become a real threat to world peace.

191-U.N. Drone Investigator Says U.S. Must Explain Civilian Deaths –

192-Navy Seals take over oil tanker seized by Libyan rebels “WELL-DONE,AMERICA!” –

193-I am 50 today,I’ve gone far in the God’s work and no matter the time I come out I am sure to achieve the God’s aim,nothing will prevent that

194-The Almighty God is ever with me and I’ll never fail.Every Believer is also required to stand by me at all times,so where are you?..

195-One with God is a majority.

196-Being God’s Representative on Earth now,Satan has made me his number one enemy,but I will overcome him..

197-Meanwhile,it’s either you are with me or with the Devil,no other way,especially for those of you who have known about me..

198-And I am VERY SURE,many popular people around the world already know about me.

199-I am not guessing at all,and Almighty God curse me if I’m not sure: It’s either you are with me,or you’re with Satan.There’s no other option

200-Central African Republic: ‘Massive scale ethnic cleansing’ –

My Previous Tweets (Verbatim) 10.

1-The West may have the world but that is too small,what happens affter death is by far the most important..

2-And while the World led by the West had been groping in the dark spiritually,I can assure them of the real truth which I’d already explained

3-Don’t say what of those that had died,I’d stated that they’ll all come back to experience the second life where Islam is God’s only religion

4-However,there must and there will always be freedom to choose Islam or other religions.That is,anyone can opt for Paradise or go to Hell.

5-If people can see what lies ahead they will know that there is no way anyone can enter Paradise without practising Islam,I’m 100% sure.

6-Christians saying religion,unimportant,since someone has died for their sins is like saying no need to go to school since your dad is a Prof

7-Can anyone become a professor without going to school? Practising Islam is a sine qua non to get to Heaven,God curse me if I’m not sure.

8-News Headline: Nigeria Rated 8th Most Corrupt Nation. “TO ME,NIGERIA IS NUMBER ONE”.

9-Note again that there are only two peoples in this world,Believers and the Unbelievers.God does not treat the two in the same manner..

9-God has made this world Paradise for the Unbelievers while Believers’ Paradise is after death in Heaven where they will live forever..

10-Also note that this world is far too small,one thousand years on Earth is like one day after death.The enjoyment on Earth too,is deceitful..

11-And considering the Universe,the Earth planet is like an invisible object,too microscopic,and it’s the only thing the Unbelievers can have!

12-Yes,you Must accept Islam to enter Paradise,but it’s not all,as some practising the religion will still go to Hell..

13-Observing Salat is a major requirement to enter Heaven but God Himself has cursed some performing it that are not positively impacted by it.

14-AMERICA AND THE EGYPT MILITARY COUP: Investigation: US Bank-Rolled Anti-Morsi Activities –

15-News Headline: Archbishop Tutu said he would not worship a homophobic God: ”TO GOD,TODAY’S CHRISTIANS ARE NOT BELIEVERS”.

16-Christians,believe correctly to be Believers,accept God’s only religion.Jesus and God are not the same.And God has no child..

17-The person(s) that wrote in the Bible that Jesus and God are the same,or that God has a son has committed a very grievous sin.

18-Homosexuality is an abnormality like a disease,no one likes a malady,Believers must refrain from it,but Disbelievers are free when allowed.

19-Homosexuality is not a ‘compulsory’ condition,as Gays or Lesbians can afford to do away with it through little endurance if they want.

20-Homosexuals can endure to marry with opposite sexes and become complete spiritually as required by God.They can also bear children.

21-Since God deliberately made some Believers and others Unbelievers (Qur’an 64/2),homosexuals should be allowed privately worldwide..

22-I want homosexuals private because there is nothing to be proud about in it,it is an abnormality.

23-The Almighty God has not created Paradise and Hell for fun,they will be filled with people,Believers and Unbelievers,respectively.

24-Made Believers and Unbelievers intentionally? Yes,nothing can happen without God previously decreeing it,or knowing about it beforehand.

25-I cannot fail,God will not allow it.And no one can afford to ignore me except him/her destined for Hell..

26-I’ve told the World about myself,if they believe,they don’t do me any favour but for their own good,no one can prevent me frm being who I am

27-Alqaida claimed they were responsible for the recent killings in Iraq just like the other Extremist groups,including Nig’s Boko Haram,use to

28-They are therefore not Muslims,the World should note.No Believers in God would kill like that.They are followers of Satan,I’m 100% sure..

29-I swear I will lead Muslims to fight them (Extremist groups) when I come out because they are enemies of Islam and the rest of the world.

30-To the Pope’s recent gesture to Muslims,I urge his Eminence again to find out the truth about me from God,regarding what I call myself..

31-If you do,you will help a lot of people worldwide.People close to the Pope should constantly remind him to tell the World what he found..

32-I swear by Almighty God that I am the Spirit of truth foretold by Jesus of Nazareth in the Bible,John 14/26 and 16/13,no one else can be it

33-Islam means there MUST be ONE person who’ll say ‘do this’ and ALL Muslims obey.This is not Hadith or Quran that anyone can interpret anyhow.

34-Saudi Arabia,UAE,etc,or Egypt-under-Mubarak might be stable but not ideal,and certainly not Islamic..

35-What Islam wants is real democracy where people’s say matters or very important,and not under any strong dictator.

36-Autocratic Arab rulers are very harmful to Islam,they hate democracy,employ repression,and easily used by US and West for their selfish ends

37-Democratic countries have checks and balances that prevent their leadership(s) from being used or manipulated by anybody,or group.

38-Had there been democracy in Saudi Arabia,I’m sure America would not have been allowed to use killer drones to oppress from the country.

39-If the West wouldn’t be merely using autocratic Arab rulers,they should have taken action long ago to make them do the right thing,DEMOCRACY

40-And why on earth would America,leader of democracy be a close ally to Saudi Arabia’s absolute ruler,for example,if not to use them.

41-Newspaper Finding: Britain has secret listening station in Middle East – The Telegraph.

42-News Headline: Buddhist mobs in Burma burn down Muslim homes and shops – The Guardian Newspaper.

43-News Report: America bugged United Nations’ headquarters –

44-News Headline: Governor Al Makura (Nigeria) admits State Government sponsored Son’s Wedding.

45-Newspaper Report: Gov Uduaghan Accused Of Using Multi-Billion Naira Oleri Leisure Park As Conduit Pipe,Awards Contract To Daughter.

46-Newspaper Headline: World must act on Assad’s gas attack outrage,says John Kerry – The Telegraph.

47-Newspaper Headline: Graft,bane of Nigeria’s growth,says Canadian envoy – The Guardian.

48-Newspaper Headline: Syria crisis: ‘chemical weapons use a big mistake,Hizbollah told Iran’ – The Telegraph.

49-Newspaper Headline: Syria Accused of Using Cluster Bombs – New York Times.

50-News Finding: Rockets in Syrian Attack Carried Large Payload of Gas ,Experts Say – New York Times.

51-No matter the quality of the opposition,Syrians deserve real democracy devoid of any permanent family rule.

52-No one should fear any chaos after Assad’s rule because sooner or later the Syrians will get over it.

53-News Headline: Malawi to use $15 million private jet money (bought by ex-president) to feed one million people – The Telegraph.

54-Newspaper Headline: Your Email,Bank Details are not safe from US,UK spy agencies –

55-News Headline: US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet – The

56-The United Nations cannot continue as it is,watching helplessly on many occasions while countries kill their own people..

57-Syria has killed more than 100,000 people and it’s continuing,genocide happened in Rwanda,UN couldn’t do anything, .. the list goes on.

58-What Russia is doing for Syria is exactly what America does for Israel,reason why Security Council members must have no allies,be neutral.

59-If the permanent members of the UN Sec Council will continue to have allies,then their Veto powers MUST be ‘bypass-able’ in a democratic way

60-Turkey PM Erdogan: Syria Can’t Get Any Worse If ASSAd Goes –

61-Immigration goes hard on private jet operators –

62-News Headline: Internet experts want security revamp after NSA revelations|Reuters – US’s NSA breaking of encryption protecting internet sites.

63-Almighty God,ALLAH knows that Iran’s support of Syria’s president,Bashar al Assad is wrong..

64-Bashar Assad of Syria is not a good Muslim – if he’s really one,otherwise he would have willingly stepped down long ago.

65-News Headline: Three US Lawmakers Visit Egypt to Praise Crackdown – “IF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ARE TERRORISTS,THEN MANY EGYPTIANS ARE”.

66-I hate the statements credited to 3 US lawmakers visiting Egypt,praising the military coup,and supporting the very bloody crackdown there.

67-Syria: Chemical attack evidence points to Assad,claims human rights group –

68-Rights Group: Syrian Regime Behind Chemical Attack –

69-Asia-Pacific study points to rape epidemic –

70-Nigeria’s film and music industry falls foul of censors –

71-The United Nations Organisation (UN) I want is one that will be able to stop war from happening or escalating in any part of the word..

72-Now,there is no real UN,the permanent members of the Security Council are just using the World for their own SELFISH ENDS..

73-The current Syria’s case is just one of many that clearly showed that there is no true United Nations Organisation.

74-Only ground troops will end bloodshed in Syria,says commander of UN during Rwandan genocide –

75-“FG (Nigeria) laments quality of graduates but refuses to fund education system” says ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) –

76-Ribadu (former anti-graft boss) accuses Judiciary of aiding corrupt Nigerians –

77-U.N. Chief Says Investigators’ Report Will Confirm Chemical Attack (in Syria) –

78-UN chief slams Syrian president (committed crime against humanity)-

79-Barack Obama,the 98-pound weakling – “BUT CAN KILL COWARDLY WITH DRONES”.

80-U.N report confirms chemical weapons use in Syria –

81-Syria crisis: UN report confirms sarin gas ‘war crime’ –

82-Sarin Attack On Syrian Civilians Is A ‘War Crime’ ,U.N. Says –

83-Wearing veil should be the woman’s choice,says Theresa May,U.K. Home Sec. (Govt shd not tell woman what to wear) –

84-Iraqi Officials Say Wave of Car Bombs Across Baghdad Kills 16 People – “SHAME ON THE GOVERNMENT”.

85-What many don’t know is that anyone can perform miracle because God is for everyone on Earth..

86..That your prayers are answered does not really prove anything..

87-But what is certain is,Believers will prevail in the end.And I am someone no one will overcome till I finish what God is sending me to do.

88-News Headline: Diplomats protest over West Bank clash with Israel troops (Isreal prevents aid delivery to Palestinians) – BBC News.

89-IAEA rejects Arab nuclear push on Israel – “I HATE AND CONDEMN WESTERN COUNTRIES’ DOUBLE STANDARD”.

90-News Headline: Somalia Al-Shabab claims Westgate Kenya Attack – BBC News. “AL-QAEDA,AL-SHABAB,BOKO HARAM,etc,ARE FOLLOWERS OF SATAN,NOT MUSLIMS”.

91-Chinese Politician Sentenced To Life in Prison (over Corruption) – “AND REAL CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA,VERY VERY TROUBLING!”.

92-Stephen Fry joins demand (by 40 free speech groups and others) to end NSA and GCHQ (US,UK) mass surveillance –

93-‘They are not Muslims’: US Somali community,Somali president condemn acts (Kenya attack)by extremists –

94-Newspaper Headline: Nigeria @ 53: Senators decry slow pace of devt. –

95-Palestinian leader urges world powers to rein in Israeli settlements. –

96-Iran’s Revolutionary Guards unveil own attack drone. “GREAT! IF EVERYONE HAS,MAYBE AMERICA WILL STOP OPPRESSING”. –

97-UN SC votes unanimously to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons. “LET THEM ALSO VOTE TO DESTROY ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS”. –


99-If Jesus of Nazareth were to be on Earth now,he would be a Muslim worshipping God 5 times daily (Salat),God curse me if I’m not 100% sure.

100-Over 50 College Students Killed By Boko Haram Militants in Yobe state. “THE DEVILS XTIANS SAY WANT TO ISLAMISE NIG”. –

101-At least a dozen dead in air srike on Syrian school. “AGREEMENT ON CHEM WEAPONS CANNOT STOP THE KILLINGS IN SYRIA”. –

102-Dangerous drift of the ship of Nigeria – Speech by Anti-corruption Network as Nigeria clocks 53. –

103-Myanmar rioters attack Muslims and burn homes –

104-Euro MPs nominate Snowden for rights prize (say Whistleblower has been of enormous service to human rights and EU citizens) –

105-Security Council Condemns Syria Violence and Urges Access to Aid – “ONLY CONDEMNATION AFTER MORE THAN 100.000 DEATHS!”

106-Corruption And Impunity In Nigeria Is A Major Problem: A Response To President Jonathan By Anti-Corruption Groups –

107-ICC urged to investigate ‘commission of crimes’ in Palestinian territories –

108-State of economy: Nigeria at disater point – Oshiomhole (Edo State Gov). –

109-In Leaked Video,Egyptian Army Officers Debate How to Sway News Media – “NO NEED FOR THAT IF THEY ARE GOOD”.

110-Netanyahu: I’m prepared to talk to Rouhani on the phone – “DO SO,AND EXPLAIN YOUR COUNTRY’S NUCLEAR STATUS TOO”.

111-British spy chief snubs EU parliament over bugging inquiry – “YES,DEPLORABLE”.

112-UN Rights Expert Deplores US Prisoner’s ‘Torture’ – “GUANTANAMO BAY”.

113-Israel’s West Bank control ‘costing Palestinian economy billions’ –

114-Israel Expresses Dismay at Cutback of US Aid to Egypt – “ISRAEL IS SURELY BENEFITTING FROM AUTOCRATIC ARAB RULERS”.

115-European Parliament calls for investigation into CIA renditions –

116-Estates agents discriminate against black people,finds BBC investigation –

117-Christians,don’t go to Hell,believe correctly,Jesus or Christ is NOT the same as God,there are some mistakes in the Bible.

118-Egypt Urged to Probe Killing of Morsi (deposed president) Protesters –

119-Hundreds dead in Nigeria detention,Amnesty says –

120-Israeli Watchdog Reports Spike in Settlements – “ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS,AND NO ONE CAN SAY ANYTHING”.

121-Drastic hike in Israeli settlement growth –

122-New EU rules to curb transfer of data to US after Edward Snowden revelations –

123-Saudi Arabia declines Security Council seat,citing failure to tackle conflict – “I SINCERELY LOVE S/ARABIA FOR THAT”.

124-Nigeria’s Military Killing Thousands of Detainees –

125-Drone srikes by US violate international law,says UN –

126-U.S. Prepares to Train African Forces to Fight Terror – “IT’S WELCOME”.

127-The world today is exactly like it was when Abraham was being raised up,that time the whole world were Pagans except the small boy,Abraham..

128-Yes,there are many Muslims on Earth now but they don’t do what I said the Almighty God,ALLAH wants..

129-And about Christians,I don’t guess at all,they are idol worshippers,Jesus is not God,and most hateful to God is associating anybody with Him

130-Islam is God’s only religion,the Pope and other Christian leaders especially should note.Believe it or not,no one will change that.

131-Again,Islam means that there must be one person,at all times,who would say,’do this’,and all Muslims obey.

132-What I said God wants Muslims to do: Unite under one Leader,the Imam.Without it,they don’t really believe in Prophet Muhammed and ALLAH..

133..Their Salat,(Muslims) is without Imam,and Salat is the most important act of worship.

134-Caribbean Nations to Seek Reparations,Putting Price on Damage of Slavery – “AFRICA,TAKE NOTE”.

135-E.U. Panel Backs Plan to Shield Online Data –

136-Kerry (US Sec. of State) warns against Assad’s re-election –

137-US drone srike killings in Pakistan and Yemen ‘unlawful’ –

138-Amnesty says US officials should face war crimes charges over drone strikes –

139-Corruption,most terrible monster confronting Nigeria – Carrington (former US ambassador to Nigeria) –

140-American University of London sells study-free MBA (degree) –

141-Nobel (Peace) Laureates Call for End to Nuclear Weapons (worldwide) –

142-Muslims lacking of a Leader,worldwide,is like rejecting faith after accepting it because..

143-God says,’be not like those who are divided amongst themselves,falling into disputations after receiving guidance’ – Qur’an 3/105.

144-Saudi Arabia’s behaviour towards Iran is most hateful to the Almighty God,ALLAH,and I also detest it very strongly.

145-I know 100% from God that it’s because of me that ANYONE will ever enter Paradise,including Prophet Muhammed,Abraham,Moses and former Jesus.

146-If I should fail,the works of all Prophets of God will be in vain,God’s aim in creating Man will also fail..

147-God’s aim in creating Man is to reward him with Paradise or Hell in the end,according to their beliefs and actions.

148-Anger Growing Among Allies Over U.S. Surveillance (Spying) –

149-NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts (America Spying on World Leaders) –

150-UN envoy slams Myanmar’s anti-Muslim violence –

151-NSA:Brazil and Germany lead calls for UN resolution on internet privacy –

152-Protesters rally in Washington against NSA surveillance –

153-UK PM to Unveil Plans for Islamic Market Index –

154-US spy policy: Pressure mounts on White House –

155-World Bank ranks Nigeria 122nd best place to start business –

156-Israel pushes plans for (ANOTHER) 3,500 (ILLEGAL) settler homes after prisoners freed | Reuters –

157-EU Condemns New Israel Settlements Plan –

158-Over 80% of goods consumed in Nigeria are imported – DG,Standard Organisation of Nigeria –

159-Turkey’s female MPs wear headscarves in parliament for the first time “THANK GOD!” –

160-NSA surveillance may cause breakup of internet,warn experts –

161-US government allegedly tracks Jonathan’s (Nigeria’s President) official mobile lines –

162-America’s CIA made doctors torture suspected terrorists after 9/11,taskforce finds –

163-UK response to Snowden (whistle-blower) data ‘imperils press freedom’ – rights groups –

164-Unbelievers,you are suffering,remember this world is your only hope,your Paradise.Believers can endure,they have hope in life-after-death.

165-Antagonising me is worse than committing suicide,it is eternal death,believe it or not.

166-We need to address the ICC (International Criminal Court) double standard –

167-A golden rule is,don’t do anything you won’t want people to know about.

168-I think US shd treat Edward Snowden leniently since he’s helped her see the need for reforms and also been useful to the rest of the world.

169-Nigeria’s Boko Haram could be war criminals,says UN. “THEY ARE CRIMINALS,ALREADY!” –

170-Iran,Israel,Arabs take part in Mideast nuclear meeting,”RESOLVE THAT MIDEAST & THE WORLD BE NUCLEAR-WEAPONS’ FREE” –

171-Kerry (US sec of state): Israeli settlements are illegitimate. “MERE CONDEMNATION IS NOTHING” –

172-Pakistani politician,Imran Khan seeks Nato blockade over Drone killings. “PAKISTAN,NEVER SERIOUS,TAKE REAL ACTION!”

173-Al Gore (Former US vice-president): Snowden ‘revealed evidence’ of crimes against US constitution by NSA –

174-Corruption: There is no governance in Nigeria – Ezekwesili

175-If politicians (in Nigeria) no longer steal public funds,we can provide free education for our children – Gov Aliyu –

176-NSA (America) and GCHQ (British) mass surveillance is violation of European law,report finds –

177-Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),Swiss traders defrauding Nigeria – Report –

178-But who are this Pakistani Talibans,their militant activities should be illegal in democratic Pakistan.I always hate seeing them with guns.

179-If you don’t believe in God,no life for you after death.To believe in God,you must accept Islam and observe Salat.No other way,I’m 100% sure

180-France must follow the example shown by a more racially tolerant Britain –

181-I love justice,I don’t mind dying fighting for justice.And I swear that God has given me a very good heart and the best of intentions.

182-All those who have died (from Adam) must come back to practice Islam for them to go to God in the end.Those who don’t will die eternally.

183-No life for you after death if you don’t believe in God does not mean extinction/annihilation,but ‘no life of joy’.

184-Before Adam was the father of all,Believers and Non-Believers,Now I shall be father of only Believers,and Adam will be one of my progenies.

185-Christians’ belief in Trinity is the greatest form of illusion,rather,the Almighty God is ONE i n d i v i s i b l e.

186-God can pardon any mistake or sin if He likes but will NEVER tolerate associating anyone with Him in worship.

187-On justice,anyone from anywhere can count on me,Believer or Non-Believer,and I won’t care if I’m affected or not.


189-South-West Muslims Deliberately Deprived Of Participation In Pre-National Conference Sittings,”JUST ONE IN MANY!” –

190-Nigeria: President Jonathan Must Publicly Instruct The Police To Stop Attacks Against Anti-corruption Campaigners –

191-500 Billion Naira Oil Money Is Missing..

192-Israel Considering Thousands of Settlement Homes “GOD HELP THE PALESTINIANS!” –

193-Over 3,000 US prisoners serving life without parole for non-violent crimes –

194-S/West Group (Nig) demands judicial review of cost of governance “SURELY,A LOT OF WASTE!” –

195-UK’s reputation is damaged by reaction to Edward Snowden,says UN official –

196-Nigeria’s EFCC arrests Governor Sule Lamido’s sons over alleged N10billion fraud –

197-Egyptian army accused of war crimes –

198-Chairman,Nigeria Governor’s Forum,Amaechi,says: $5bn missing from Excess Crude Account –

199-Concerned women group says: Indecent dressing promotes sexual harassment –

200-British GCHQ tracking diplomats’ hotel bookings worldwide. –

My Previous Tweets (verbatim) 9.


1-I am a complete Muslim,I know clearly what Islam is.Islam is one,there is no division into Shia or Sunni..

2-The incessant sectarian killings in Iraq and Pakistan,for example,are abnormal,devilish,and Govts there are just not up to the task..

3-Islam is of God,nothing can be better than it.Contrary to the thoughts of many,Islam is VERY Peaceful,Poverty and Violence are not of Islam

4-News Headline: Serious rights abuses in Burma: ‘PLIGHTS OF ROHINGYA MUSLIMS’.

5-I’ve always stuggled,but never have I had any doubt that I’ll triumph,something about me and with me that CANNOT be conquered is the Truth.

6-By the Grace of Almighty God,I possess the greatest Truth on Earth,and I’m very confident that I’ll prevail,the World should mark my words.

7-No problem with religious government if it is people’s wish (democratic),what is bad is to force anything on people..

8-Islam is of God,that is,from the Almighty God,a truly,genuine Islamic government is the best I can think of..

9-Majority always favoured in democracy though minority must also be recognised.Minorities need to dialogue rather than use of force.

10-To the Unbelievers,religion is a private thing ,but for Believers it’s the mainstay,the pillar,their way of life.

11-It is a duty for Muslims to obey God,the Prophet or Universal Muslims’ Leader,and the Constitution of their country..

12-Whatever the Govt in power,Muslims must obey the constitution of their country while still being God-fearing and practising their religion..

13-If Muslims don’t like the Government in their country,ordinarily,they should bring about the change through peaceful and democratic means.

14-The use of the phrase ‘Body of Christ’ by Christians is another proof that Christianity is Idolatry..

15-Today’s Christianity has provided a conducive platform for those destined for Hell to operate,any Christian for Paradise will accept Islam.

16-News Headline: Egypt opposition leader calls for election boycott: ‘BUT SUPPORTS VIOLENCE?’.

17-Retweet: ACN: Nigeria’s Economy Faces Danger of Collapse,Article/ THISDAY LIVE 24/2/2013.

18-News Headline: Peterside: Nigeria Has Attained Milestones in Economic Reforms: ‘BUT CERTAINLY YET TO BEAR ANY FRUIT’.

19-Nigeria Govt needs to cut down cost of governance radically,one legislative arm is OK for now,create employments,and improve infrastructures

20-Most Politicians ruling Nigeria are rich people who should create employments,but instead,their fat salaries and allowances are not enough.


22-News Headline: ‘Put Christ at centre of your lives’,Pope says in last tweet: ‘BUT CHRIST IS NOT GOD’.

23-I know Pope Benedict XVI and he knows me,I’m sure after his death he would confess that while on Earth I told him the truth.Goodbye to him!

24-News Headline: Turkey PM’s Zionism remarks attacked: ‘EXPLAIN ZIONISM BUT CONDEMN ISRAEL’S EVIL ACTIONS’.

25-Watching the Cardinals pick another Pope,I tell myself how insignificant Christians are,their only hope is Jesus,and Jesus is not God..

26-Christians’ hope in Jesus is nothingness,vacuum,zero,or naught as God is Everything.God will reject anyone associating anything with Him.

27-The 1.2billions Cath Christians is nothing to me,when Abraham was starting,the whole world then were Pagans,he was the only one different.

28-I am a Messenger of the Almighty God,all Messengers are Prophets but not all Prophets are Messengers.Messengers are Authorities from God.

29-Reading what I’d written,any Real Believer in God will know that I’m not someone guessing about the Almighty God..

30-Best advice for the Cardinals trying to choose the next Pope is to resolve to embrace Islam,en masse,then urge all Christians to do same..

31-The Cardinals can meet me physically if they want,to be rest-assured.No one will get to the Almighty God without following me..

32-And Christians can only be wasting their time,Islam is the ONLY religion of our Creator,the Almighty God,ALLAH..

33-Jesus of Nazareth,peace be on him,was NEVER a Christian,to reject Islam is to want to go to Hell.

34-News Headline: ‘Africa Not Having Permanent Seat at UN Security Council is Huge Injustice’: ‘ALSO MUSLIM COUNTRY’.

35-People used to mock at Messengers of God but the scoffers were always surrounded and overwhelmed by that whereat they used to mock..

36-If only the Unbelievers knew when they will not be able to ward off fire from their faces,from their backs,and never shall they be helped!

37-News Headline: Insecurity: Nigeria Can’t Go It Alone,Says Nwachukwu – Nig former FM: ‘I ALSO AGREE’.

38-The best words anyone can utter,and that’s very pleasing to the Almighty God is to say: ‘There is nothing but God’..

39-If anyone should say that he’s god beside the Almighty God,such a one shall be requited with Hellfire like the polytheists and wrong-doers.

40-As some eagerly await the selection of a new Pope,I pray to the Almighty God,NEVER let me become a Christian,a Cardinal,or a Pope.Amen,Amen!

41-No one expects the Cardinals to heed my advice on accepting Islam just like it would be very strange to find all Disbelievers in Paradise..

42-Whatever Christians may have in their souls,their worship is wrong and unacceptable to God.Almighty God curse me if I’m not 100% sure.

43-News Headline: Prince Charles is learning Arabic: ‘ALMIGHTY GOD LOVE YOU,AND OPENLY DECLARE FOR HIM,FOR ISLAM’.

44-Almighty God has made the heaven a roof,safe and well guarded,yet Man turn away from its signs – Qur’an 21/32.

45-Almighty God cannot be questioned as to what He does,but He will question Man for theirs – Qur’an 21/23.

46-Has Pope Francis known about me?If not,let people tell him,he will do well to ask God concerning me,then relate the truth to his followers..

47-Christians are like fools,how can somebody they saw bodily in this world be the Almighty God? God can NEVER be seen wth naked eyes on Earth..

48-The Pagans of the old during Abraham (PBOH) were also fools worshipping idols that could not talk.

49-The Western-led World have a really bad impression of Prophet Muhammed (PBOH),but he was a very peaceful person who never wanted to fight..

50-Prophet Muhammed,peace be on him,would not have fought a single war if not that the Unbelievers first attacked him,purposely to uproot Islam

51-Anyone aspiring to go to God MUST love Prophet Muhammed (PBOH),God curse me if I’m not sure,he was the best human being God created..

52-Most Muslims don’t know Proph Muhammed,I’m the one that will tell them.And all extremist Muslims are not his followers,Satan is their leader

53-However those that fought Prophet Muhammed throughout his prophethood of 23 years did not do so on their own,they acted for Satan..

54-But what Prophet Muhammed did 23yrs with his followers is what I’ve been doing ALL-ALONE in confinement in the past 22 years..

55-As Saviour of mankind,(Al Masihu Isa),I’ve suffered a lot fighting Satan since 1991 that God told me who I am,and gave me the work..

56-And at 49,(18th March),I’m ever confident because I cannot fail,I will accomplish what God is sending me to do,no one can stop me.

57-News Headline: Saudi Cleric Urges Royals to Adopt Reforms: ‘I SWEAR,OUR CREATOR WANTS DEMOCRACY IN ALL MUSLIM LANDS’.

58-To save mankind is to die for them SPIRITUALLY,no one can do that except someone with extra soul,a capability bestowed on NONE but me alone

59-I’m calling on everybody in the world,believe correctly,listen to me,you don’t have any other choice,our CREATOR has chosen me for you.

60-Someone has to save mankind,rewrite the wrong committed by our first progenitor,Adam and Eve,to be able to enter Paradise again..

61-Correcting Adam’s mistake means that man actually have another progenitor,Jesus Christ,so we must live two lives on Earth,Adam’s and Jesus’.

62-Jesus of Nazareth is not the Saviour,his death on the Cross was a bodily death,not spiritual,Pope Francis,and All Christians must believe.

63-Jesus of Nazareth was not the only Prophet killed (also John),but his death was meant to indicate another coming death,that of Salvation.

64-Christians are Unbelievers by what they do,they are idol-worshippers,worshipping a creature of God,Jesus of Nazareth,who NEVER asked them to

65-And Christians are again preparing to celebrate Easter,they WRONGLY regarded former Jesus’ death as that for Salvation..

66-But I’ve told them several times that death of Salvation is not a bodily death that former Jesus died,it’s a spiritual one..

67-When anyone dies spiritually,he goes to Hell automatically,but Jesus won’t,he has extra soul to enter Paradise and regain the one lost.

68-Read about how God made this writer (myself) a two-in-one person,in one of my earliest posts.

69-News Headline: Obama: US Proud to be Israel Ally: ‘MUSLIMS PREFER GOD’.

70-Almighty God (ALLAH) make Paradise forbidden to me if I’m not 100% sure that I am a two-in-one person.God has made NO other being like me.

71-God made me a Guidance from Himself,whoever follows the Guidance will neither go astray nor fall into distress or misery.

72-Almighty God chooses Messengers from Angels and from Men.And for every people (Ummah) there is a Messenger.

73-News Headline: Corruptions deprives Nigerians access to clean water – SERAP: FAR MORE THAN THAT’.

74-Those who will go to Hell will hear the truth that can save them only they won’t be able to follow it – like their hands are tied..

75-Many Christians know that I’m not lying but they simply cannot do away with the Christianity that is taking them to Hell.

76-News Headline: Boko Haram have limited knowledge on Islam – Soyinka: ‘SATAN IS THE LEADER OF BOKO HARAM’.

77-Whoever loves to meet with God,God wants to meet with him,though on one condition that he worships ONLY God,associating NONE with Him.

78-O you who believe! Bow down,prostrate yourselves and worship your Lord,then do good that you may be successful.(Q22/77).

79-Life on Earth is like one is dossing,when you die is when you wake up to realise how you had spent it.

80-Everyone is going to taste death but God will test people on Earth with evil and with good before their final return to Him.(Q21/35).

81-God allowed Prophet Muhammed (PBOH) once to see Hell and Paradise,he said he saw more women in Hell than men.

82-News Headline: Pope Francis to wash youths’ feet at detention centre: ‘MAKE ABLUTION AND OBSERVE SALAT’.

83-Know you not that the Almighty God knows all that is in the Heavens and on Earth? That is very easy for Him! (Qur’an).

84-When you tell the Unbelievers about the Qur’an or recite its verses to them,you will notice a denial on their faces..

85-But those who disbelieved and belied verses of the Qur’an will have a humiliating torment in Hell.(Q22/57).

86-And a day with God is as a thousand years of what Man reckon. (Q22/47).

87-Christians,if I’m not 100% sure that Christianity is not the way to the Almighty God,I won’t be asking you to abandon it,trust me.

88-I challenge you Christians (worldwide) that have known about me but displaying stubbornness that we shall see who will laugh last.

89-I agree with Nig. Pres Jonathan that former Jesus will come back,but only to dissociate himself from you Christians calling him son of God.

90-I don’t believe Pres Jonathan saying if not for their prayers: Things are already worse,take drastic actions to solve Nigerians’ problems.

91-Edo Governor’s Rep was wrong,Jesus of Nazareth (PBOH) was born biologically,NOWAY he could be a Progenitor of Christians or mankind.

92-News Headline: Jonathan to Buhari: Stop Boko Haram: ‘FORMALLY COMMISSION HIM TO DO IT’.

93-World Pls Note: I am not calling for the eradication of Christianity,Since there is HELL,Unbelievers and their religions will exist forever.

94-Almighty God is the Doer of whatever He wills,He grants respite to the Unbelievers for a purpose.

95-Consider not that the Unbelievers can escape from God,their abode is Hellfire,and worst indeed is that destination.(Qur’an)..

96-The Unbelievers are Atheists,worshippers of other gods,not the Almighty God,and also those joining others with the Almighty God,in-worship.

97-The only saying of Believers when being called to God is,’We hear and we obey’.Such are the prosperous ones that’ll live forever in Paradise

98-News Headline: Some police stations run on less than N2,000 daily – Sen. ‘WHILE U POLITICIANS MOVE ABOUT WITH MILLIONS’.

99-News Headline: AfDB approves N47bn to support infrastructure,public financing in Nigeria: ‘WHAT OF CORRUPTION?’.

100-To the Almighty God,ALLAH belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth.Also,to Him will everything return.

101-God (ALLAH) has sent down manifest proofs,lessons,revelations in the Qur’an,and He guides whom He wills to the Straight Path – Islam.

102-Obey God,obey His Messenger,but if people turn away,the Messenger is only responsible to convey the message in a clear way.

103-Again,I tell anyone professing to be Christian,with a 100% certainty,that you stand on Nothing,and No One can save you from going to HELL.

104-In this world,whatever the Unbelievers believed in,God will give them some comforts,they will forget God’s warnings,and become lost thereby.

105-A Prophet is sent as a bearer of glad tidings,and a warner.But the Unbeliever is EVER a helper of Satan against his Lord,the Almighty God.

106-One day the Unbeliever will regret,’Would I had taken a path with God’s Messenger’,Satan,certainly,is a deserter to man in the hour of need.

107-Unbelievers – with their false hopes,think too highly of themselves and are scornful with great pride.

108-God asks His Messenger,’Don’t you see those that had taken their own desires as gods? Can you then try to guide such?’..

109-God asks again,’Do you think the Unbelievers hear or understand anything? They are only like cattle or even worst than that!’.

110-Non-Muslim Believers are just wasting their times,I am 100% sure,THERE IS NOWAY anyone can enter Paradise without accepting Islam..

111-And Muslims only know one side of Islam,the other,that is even more important is what I will soon start,the second meaning of Qur’an.

112-News Headline: ”Nigeria does have a problem with corruption,and so do many countries” BUT NIG’S OWN,EXTRAORDINARY.

113-Nothing in Islam calls for violence,Extremists simply don’t understand the religion,and are being used by Satan..

114-Normally,Satan will want to use all means to discredit Islam,being God’s only religion.The Extremists are one of Satan’s tools..

115-But Satan can only succeed in misleading the Unbelievers who make friends with him,not Believers.

116-Why Terrorists almost always Muslims? Islam is God Only religion,others are not.Satan uses some misguided Mslms to tarnish Islam,deceive ppl

117-If you are not a Believer (Muslim),and you are enjoying (wealthy),you are not lucky at all,you are actually a Fool,this world is too small.

118-To a Xtian quoting Quran verses,I’d said it before,many verses of Quran cannot be used directly,first look at the reasons they were revealed

119-The Unbelievers always mis-interpret JIHAD.Jihad is to strive against evil,any good person must do it.War on terror,for example,is a Jihad..

120-But Jihad is more of personal struggle to transform oneself,change for the better,than the society.

121-America’s use of assassination Drones in Muslim countries is State Terrorism,I will fight it whenever I can.

122-News Headline: Corruption: Jonathan Carpets US’ Assessment of Nigeria: ONLY DRASTIC ACTIONS CAN SOLVE NIG’S CORRUPTION.

123-News Headline: Burma Accused of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ of Rohingya Muslims @TIMEWorld.

124-News Headline: Man Proposes to His Girlfriend With a Drone: ‘BUT NOT THE ASSASSINATING TYPE OF THE US’.

125-Fellow Beings on Earth,our Owner,God created us purposely to worship Him,and I’ve told you,He will not accept any other religion but Islam..

126-Those who know me should tell those that don’t.God has made me really very important,and it is essential that everyone listen to me..

127-Know again that you are not the ones to tell God what He must do,if you ignore me,you will just go to Hell because no one else can save you.

128-News Headline: Obasanjo,Yar’Adua,Jonathan,misused N1.2trn – Senate Report: ‘ANOTHER CORRUPTION’.

129-News Headline: ICSAN: War Against Corruption,a Collective Responsibility: ‘BUT GOVERNMENT HAS TO LEAD’.

130-News Headline: Dalai Lama Decries Buddhist Attacks on Muslims in Myanmar: ‘THANK YOU DALAI LAMA’.

131-I swear,because I know myself: God created me very well,He endowed me with the best of intentions,and has made me very very important..

132-No one will know me and hate me,though God has actually made it compulsory for anyone aspiring to go to Heaven to love me..

133-Leaders of Muslim countries know me by now,although they never admit it,but I hope they understand that they must obey me..

134-Almighty God,and Prophet Muhammed (PBOH) will have nothing to do with any Muslim that disobeys me,he/she will end up in Hell,I’m sure..

135-It is compulsory for anyone willing to go to God (Paradise) to love me and stand by me at all times,no matter what..

136-Whenever God chooses someone as Messenger,it’s not for himself or his family but the whole world,so Believers worldwide must help him..

137-Important people across the world already know me but NONE had ever contacted me to assist or give moral support..

138-However I’m not begging,God is ever sufficient for me,but Believers who know me and cared not,are losing,God will also query them.

139-If you say you will not have a Leader,then God will not guide you,Islam is God’s only religion,but today Muslims are suffering..

140-Qur’an and Hadith’s guides are Book guides,Muslims at all times need an overall live personal Guide.

141-Once more,no one can tell God what He must do,but it’s people that must follow what He has done..

142-If anyone opposes me,it’s that person that will regret,not me.

143-I support Nigeria’s President taking radical action against Boko Haram,be bold to tackle other problems confronting Nigerians.

144-I never doubt that no one had ever seen someone like me before,and no one will,till the end of the world,read all my previous posts.

145-God made me different for a purpose.If you have made up your mind never to follow me,then be prepared for Hell when you die..

146-All those that will go to Paradise must follow me without exception,Prophets Muhammed,Abraham,Moses,and former Jesus inclusive.

147-I am always shocked and saddened by the senseless,heinous Extremists’ attacks happening daily in countries like Iraq,Pakistan,Afghanistan..

148-Please let responsible Muslim Governments around the world crack down heavily on the Extremists,they are harming Islam too much..

149-The Extremist most likely got their evil inspiration from what happened immediately after Prophet Muhammed which I regret so much..

150-Islam is a very very peaceful religion,I’m the Leader of God’s religion now,and I swear,no one can be more peaceful than me..

151-Verses in the Qur’an that call for struggle were revealed only when Muslims were fighting forced war,the Extremists are really Satanic!

152-Good Muslims should not keep quiet,extremism or terrorism is NEVER a norm in Islam.Are there no good Muslims in Iraq,Pakistan,Afghanistan?

153-News Headline: Brazil to write off $900m of African debt…AND GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS BRAZIL.

154-News Headline: US launches Drone strike in Pakistan: ‘GOD WILL HATE THE PERPETRATOR OF SUCH OPPRESSION’.

155-News Headline: Kano arms cache belongs to Hezbollah: NIG SECURITY SHOULD STEP UP THEIR VIGILANCE.

156-Again there’s absolutely NO NEED for the armed wing of Hezbollah in democratic Lebanon,and why won’t anyone call them a terror group?

157-News Headline: Two drone strikes kill seven in south Yemen ANYONE OPPOSING GOD MESSENGER WILL END UP IN HELL.

158-Know they not that for those who oppose God and His Messenger is the fire of Hell? – wherein they shall dwell.That is the supreme disgrace.

159-America,use your Drones within your country or against any country that’s directly at war with you,that’s the limit.

160-Also acceptable is if it had been,Yemen,Pakistan,or Somalia’s security used America’s Drones (or theirs) to kill terrorists in their country.

161-Tell me that you will never follow me and I will swear that you will end up in Hell,whoever you may be.

162-America,or indeed anyone cannot defeat me,an asset Muslims worldwide don’t realise they have already.

163-News Headline: Corruption may destroy Nigeria: ‘AGAIN,TAKE NOTE PRESIDENT JONATHAN’.

164-News Headline: Wanted! US offers $23m as reward for Boko Haram Boss,Shekau. ‘GOOD,CAN BE HELPFUL’.

165-News Headline: Key Somali militant captured: ‘FAR BETTER THAN BEING KILLED WITH DRONES’.

166-RT@NBCNewsWorld: Documents: CIA Drones sometimes fired on unknown targets: “TO OPPRESS AND PERSECUTE”.

167-RT@nytimesworld: Nigerian Refugees Accuse Army of Excess Force: “THAT’S BAD”.

168-I learnt almost 93,000 people are now killed in Syria,no words can express my sadness..

169-Iran,though an Islamic country has been very un-islamic in its support for the embattled President Assad of Syria..

170-Iran has surprised me a lot,they believe Bashar Assad can help them more than God.

171-Any right-minded person will back the aspiration of Syrian people to have real democracy devoid of any permanent family rule (Assad).

172-Vanguard Newspaper Headline: Criticism and the growth of democracy in Nigeria: “IT’S REALLY WORTH READING”.

173-News Headline: Saudi King congratulates Iran’s new president: “PLEASE DO MORE,NO DIVISION IN ISLAM”.

174-The Almighty God will also hold Russia and Iran’s leaderships responsible for the endless killings in Syria..

175-It’s normal when peaceful change is impossible violent one is inevitable..

176-The normal thing is to have peaceful change in Syria but Syria’s condition under Assad’s family rule may not allow it..

177-But now President Bashar Assad is long overdue to relinquish power having been unable to stop the daily wanton killings in his country.

178-Saudi Arabia,Qatar,UAE,etc,note what I said before,absolute monarchy is un-islamic,quickly transform to constitutional monarchies..

179-Also the systems in the Arab absolute monarchies are not sustainable,life is changing,move with it islamically.

180-News Headline: Russia says it will not allow Syria no-fly zones: “SO THAT THE KILLINGS CAN CONTINUE?”.

181-Those selling arms will never want a quick end to any conflict in the world.93,000 Syrians already killed,yet nothing can be done.No real UN!

182-The Christians-dominated UN Security Council is not effective,not kind or considerate.Syria’s case is only one of their failings..

183-For me to back the current UN,there MUST be a way (democratic) to bypass the Veto power of any Security Council member whenever necessary..

184..To enable the United Nations quickly respond to any urgent situation.

185-It makes no sense at all for one person (Vladimir Putin) to be holding the rest of the world to ransom on Syria where many are dying daily.

186-No one should fear any member of the Security Council unnecessarily,I know and I swear that it is God Himself that is protecting the world.

187-Syria’s opposition started normally and peacefully but President Assad and those using him (Iran,Russia) were,and still are very desperate.

188-Sahara Reporters’ News Headline: Rivers Police: A Force of Occupation?…”NIGERIA TODAY”.

189-News Headline: Inventor of the Web scolds ‘hypocritical’ West over spying: ”TRUE TALK!”.

190-Our purpose in life is to do God’s wish,worship Him.But nobody can do that successfully today without believing in me,I’m very sure..

191-Popular people across the world already know about me,but I will come out to reach everyone in the world when it’s time.

192-The level of greed in Nigeria is overwhelming where people can’t see the suffering of others,they’re just accumulating wealth – Anambra Gov.

193-News Headline: Vanguard Newspaper: Mr President (Jonathan),enough of sermonisations please! “WORTH READING”.

194-Situation in Egypt is troubling,the opposition are clearly anti-democrats,and the military are wrong dictating to their elected President..

195-Also the international community led by the West that are Christians have been unfair or biased against the Islamist-led democratic Egypt.

196-Egyptian opposition are now smiling,what they couldn’t attain through democratic elections,they’ve gotten it via protests and military coup.

197-Today I strongly denounce America’s ill treatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees without trial,God can never overlook that wrongdoing.

198-Again,democracy in Muslim countries shouldn’t be exactly like in the West,or non-muslim countries,it must reflect that Muslims are Believers

199-Those saying ‘political Islam’ are hypocrites or persons who don’t understand Islam because Islam is a ‘complete way of life’..

200-The West and World should note again that God will not accept Christianity or any religion different from Islam,they better begin to change.






My Previous Tweets (Verbatim) 8.

1-God will never guide those who behave arrogantly on Earth,even if they see all the Signs of God,they will not believe..Qur’an.

2-Believers know and admit that Man had been created for God,and not for himself,but the Unbelievers don’t.

3-The truth is that God created everything for man’s sake while He created man for Himself (God).

4-So let it be clear once more that Man was created ONLY to worship God.

5-That Ayo Oritsejafor,Leader of Nigerian Christians,has joined the league of Pastors in Nigeria with private jets is not a big news at all..

6-If Oritsejafor and other Pastors want to continue their Xtianity or Idolatry,refusing to heed my call,what they got,the least they can have.

7-I’ve said it many times that this world is the Paradise of the Unbelievers,but unlike the Terrorists,I will NEVER begrudge them enjoying it.

8-I saw in a newspaper Edo state governor (Nigeria) and his deputy kneeling down in front of a Pastor like the Unbelievers before a shrine.

9-Pray more,Pastor Adeboye urges Nigerians: My reply:’USELESS IF YOU CAN’T BELIEVE CORRECTLY,GOD ALREADY CARES FOR ALL’.

10-And the problems of Muslims or Believers in the Almighty God will persist until they appoint a universal Leader or I come out to lead them.

11-Imagine America without a President,Muslims’ or Believers’ condition is by far worse..

12-Muslims’ lack of a Leader is like they don’t believe in Prophet Muhammed and the Almighty God,ALLAH.

13-Israel,note: Your right to defend yourself NOT LICENCE to commit aggressions and transgressions against the Palestinians and your Neighbours.

14-While Pastors or Church Leaders in Nigeria are becoming richer and richer,their congregations are getting poorer and poorer..

15-The Pastors are eloquent speakers,attracting huge converts,populating the churches,all of whom pay great Tithes..

16-And those giving the Pastors money have good intentions but alas! they are being led to Hellfire,having known about me..

17-I can authoritatively tell Nigeria’s President and Governors patronising the Pastors that they will go to Hell if they don’t believe in me..

18-Many important Pastors already know me,they are sure of my genuineness,but cannot tell their congregations the truth.

19-Nigeria’s economy also,is getting worse everyday,not improving,though the Politicians are full of promises all the time.

20-I think I heard Pastor E.A.Adeboye saying that he now has his Church branches in over one hundred countries (160) in the world..

21-Pastor Adeboye knows me,despite his many Church branches and followers,he MUST believe in me and embrace Islam to EVER get to God,I swear..

22-And I will ask Pastor Adeboye through this medium to come to me and accept Islam,then declare to the whole world that he has done so.

23-Israel can’t have peace with the Palestinians until she treats them justly,properly,her aggressions and transgresions only worsening things

24-Anyone blaming the militant Palestinians is one-sided and biased because Israel’s aim is evil,it is simply to annexe the whole of Palestine.

25-Again,my desire is that both Israel and Palestine should live together as a Country where all the citizens have equal rights.

26-Pastor E.A.Adeboye should not waste time coming to me to accept Islam because he will surely do so if truly he is a Believer from God..

27-There are many ways God can reward an Unbeliever that has done a very great thing for humanity on Earth,for example..

28..Owner of a very big Church with branches and great followers throughout the world,Christianity,being a religion for the Unbelievers..

29-Again,God curse me if I’m not sure that today’s Christianity is IDOLATRY or Idol worshipping.God has made the religion a Trial for peoples.

30-God watches Israel,granting her respite to continue her wrongdoings,but God surely has a plan,and Israel won’t be able to do that forever..

31-No reasonable person will expect the Palestinians to keep suffering in silence,they are bound to protest Israel’s occupation and blockade..

32-And only evil people will ask Palestinians to be quiet when there’s no one to stop Israel from grabbing their land,trying to force them out.

33-I hate Israel’s wrongdoings,I’m warning their Politicians and those of America and Europe aiding them that they may have no life after death

34-Because there is no democracy amongst the autocratic Arab Rulers,it’s easy for USA and EU to buy them over,absolute monarchy is un-islamic..

35-Democracy is now helping Egypt and Tunisia to be their own selves unlike Saudi Arabia,UAE,Morocco,Jordan,etc,that are submissive to America.

36-US Denies Visas to Iran Officials for UN Meeting: ‘UNLESS REFORMED,MUSLIMS MAY SOON GET OUT OF THE UN’.

37-And if anyone says Hamas do not want to negotiate with Israel,Israel’s grand Plan also is to get rid of the Palestinians,annexing their land

38-Muslims will have no Salat if prayed in a congregation without Imam,today’s Muslim Ummah that lacks a Leader is like they don’t have faith.

39-I know myself,I swear that those with me now are complete Muslims,Believers worldwide must align with me to truly believe in God Almighty.

40-Unlike America,an oppressor that is standing blindly by another oppressor,Israel,the Almighty God is ALWAYS with the oppressed..

41..The Oppressed may not get immediate help,but they will laugh last.

42-If rich Arab countries will do what God wants,they shd ask US and EU that aid & abet Israel,stop their aid to Palestinians,then take it over

43..America to the Palestinians is the greatest Hypocrite I have ever seen..

44-The grand Plan of USA and Israel is to get rid of Palestinians,reason a US Presidential candidate described Palestinians as INVENTED PEOPLE.

45-Autocratic Arab Rulers helping America are also aiding & abetting Israel to commit aggressions and transgressions against the Palestinians.

46-An ugly consequence of Muslims’ lacking a Leader is the Arab Rulers’ supporting and befriending of America to hate fellow Muslim,Iran.

47-There will ALWAYS be something important,compulsory,or needed to be a Believer that an Unbeliever will find difficult to do..

48-And had becoming a Believer been so easy,maybe no one would have disbelieved.

49-An Unbeliever WILL NOT BE ABLE to accept me as the Only Representative of the Almighty God on Earth,for this time,till I die.

50-God had been very mindful of Believers,had the gap b/w Believers & Unbelievers been too wide,believing-in-God would have been much harder..

51..(Noted that the world is the Paradise for the Unbelievers).

52-But the real truth is that NOTHING can make any Believer-from-God disbelieved ultimately.

53-World Powers,I advise you again to be very careful,let JUSTICE & FAIR PLAY be your watchwords,know that the Almighty God has sent someone..

54-I am a VERY peaceful person that hate warfare,but I can fight and might have to do that if justice cannot be attained peacefully..

55-The whole World should be joyous about my advent as the Almighty God will use me to bring about real justice that is useful to all..

56-The only people who may not like me are those benefitting from injustices.I am sure that Believers and the Unbelievers alike will love me.

57-The World Powers may try but I swear that they WILL NOT BE ABLE to ignore me..

58-And actually,I can’t imagine any good person ignoring me because God has endowed me with the BEST OF INTENTIONS.

59-When Palestinians’ bid for statehood cannot be realised immediately,why would any sincere person again oppose their non-member state status?

60-Israel and USA had voted against the Palestinians at the UN because their evil plan of annexing Palestinian land was becoming unattainable..

61-Only God knows how much I dislike the duo of Israel and America over the Palestinians’.

62-And remember the man who revealed America’s evil intention,calling the Palestinians INVENTED PEOPLE,was a former No.3 in US Govt. for years.

63-News – Israel to approve new settlements: ‘I SWEAR,ISRAEL WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DRIVE OUT THE PALESTINIANS’.

64-News – Israel Withholds Palestinian Funds after UN Vote: ‘DO YOUR WORST,OPPRESSOR WILL NEVER HAVE THE LAST LAUGH’.

65-Unbelievers SHALL BE ABLE to mock at Believers on Earth,but in heaven,Believers will also laugh at the Unbelievers when being goaded to Hell

66-If Christianity and Judaism were God’s real religions,their Leaders wd’ve prevailed on Israel Govt long ago to make peace with Palestinians.

67-If I were sent by the Almighty God as I am truly,then who on Earth can be powerful enough to stop me from achieving my aim?..

68-Right now America is an Unjust Leader of the World,but God is raising me up to bring about real justice that will be useful to all..

69-USA should use all her power to support me to achieve the God’s aim,doing that the only way she can gain,if she opposed me she will regret..

70-And to say it openly,maybe God knew that America will be useful to me,reason He had raised up for me parts of my real self in America today.

71-Opposition in Egypt wants to impose their views upon the majority of Egyptians,simply vote against the draft constitution if you don’t want.

72-If somebody somewhere is not using the Opposition in Egypt,they should ask for dialogue rather than violence,Egypt now is not like Syria.

73-I hate forcing anything on people,but the West led by the US have always imposed their way of life on Muslims..

74-The West,all the time,brainwashed Leaders of Muslim countries making Muslims feel as if their own way of life is bad and uncivilised..

75-But Islamic way of life is the ONLY path to the Almighty God,all other ways of life lead to Hellfire.God curse me if I’m saying the untruth.

76-When I come out Muslims will stop accepting conditional aids from others,so that we can live our correct way of life without any hindrance.

77-Life is never static,Extremist Muslims that have the tendency to always look backwards cannot give sound judgements in modern times..

78-Prophet Muhammed knew that Life would ever be changing when he advised that Muslims move with time while still being pious and God-fearing.

79-Opposition in Egypt,PLEASE don’t allow yourselves to be used,the wish of all Muslims worldwide is that democracy should thrive there..

80-Egypt,most populous Arab country should be a good example for the rest of Arabs to copy,don’t let the autocratic Arab rulers fear democracy.

81-Let me ask the United Nations to do tangible things to solve the problems of Rohingya people,one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

82-I swear,and God curse me if I’m not sure that celebrating Christmas in the Christian’s way is NOT loving Jesus of Nazareth,at all..

83-Even Jesus of Nazareth hates,and WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO with Christians that do not accept Islam.


85-Injustice is evil from Satan,its end result is Hellfire..God hates injustice so much,and so do I..

86-America,change your ways,you merely condemn Israel for real wrongdoings while you punish Iran most severely for just-suspected wrongdoing.

87-On Christmas day every Christian should remind himself that he will go to Hell if he does not accept Islam.It is true,no Jesus can save you.

88-America has struck again,I denounce very strongly her constant use of Drones in Muslim countries,it is an oppressive act that God hates..

89-If America does not stop her oppressive and unjust behaviours,I will oppose her,and I swear by God that she would not be able to defeat me.

90-With my advent,the era of Injustice,Partiality,Oppression or Forceful domination in the world should be over..

91-America must change her old ways,the United Nations Organisation must also reform..

92-No one sent from God will tolerate injustice.God gave me the best of intentions,and nobody shall be able to frustrate me..

93-But I sincerely wish that the Powerful on Earth will not first try me before they believe.

94-God curse me if I’m not sure,No One will enter Paradise without observing Salat,the 5-time daily prayer-worship..

95-God curse me if I’m not sure,All other religions lead to Hellfire except ISLAM.

96-Analysis – CNN: Seeking the truth about Jesus: ‘GOD CURSE ME IF I’M NOT SURE,JESUS OF NAZARETH WAS ONLY A PROPHET OF GOD’.

97-Christmas: Jonathan Urges Nigerians to Imbibe Message of Christ: ESPECIALLY THAT THEY SHOULD EMBRACE ISLAM.

98-Christmas: Not of Christ,but Baal worship! -Newspaper Analysis. GOD CURSE ME IF I’M NOT SURE,CHRISTIANITY IS IDOL-WORSHIPPING.

99-I’ve told Christians the Truth,though it is not for any person to believe except by the leave of God..

100-However,God will put His wrath on the heedless – the Unbelievers,especially beginning from after death.

101-God intentionally made Man,Believers and Unbelievers because of Paradise and Hell.If God had willed,everyone would have believed (Believer).

102-Nothing is comparable to Faith,or Certainty about God,I thank the Almighty God that has given me the most of it in the whole world now..

103-God has also conferred on me the Authority to lead,examine yourself,if you cannot follow me,know for certain that God cannot accept you..

104-The whole world should note that whoever God has destined for Paradise CANNOT do without me.


106-Find out what Salat is,because without observing it,no Heaven for you,I swear and swear again.Pay no heed to it if you like.

107-News Headline: Syria unrest ‘has killed 60,000’: ‘THE UN I WANT WILL NEVER EVER ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT’.

108-God also hates America’s humiliating and terrorising Drone strikes in Muslim countries,but Barack Obama is asking God to do His worst.

109-News Headline: Pakistan militant leader killed: ‘COWARDLY US-DRONE KILLING,WHAT OF THE INNOCENTS?’.

110-News Headline: Pakistan says US Drones kill 15: ‘COWARDLY KILLINGS,GOD HATES BARACK OBAMA FOR THEM’.

111-Rich Unbelievers think that they are enjoying,rather,their situation is even pathetic,considering that the world is the best they can have.

112-God detests most strongly,the saying,’In The Name Of Jesus’,a maxim of Christian Idol-worshippers.God curse me if I’m not sure.

113-God hates the beliefs of the Unbelievers,yet provides for their needs in this world because He is the God of all,Believers or Non-believers.

114-News Headline:US Drone Kills 10 in Pakistan: ‘BEWARE BARACK OBAMA MAY CAUSE AMERICA’S DOWNFALL’.

115-Muslim Rulers permitting America’s assassination Drones are the first-guilty.But let’s watch Barack Obama’s reign and its aftermath.

116-I am not like anyone,I’m God’s only Representative,No one,including America can change that.Believe or reject if you like..

117-And there had never came a Messenger from the Almighty God but people mocked him.

118-No One else can be the Saviour of Mankind except myself (Hamid Adigun Tiamiyu),God’s greatest curse be on me if I’m not sure..


120-Muslims,your Saviour,the only Saviour,is the Prophet that is bringing for you ‘Siratal Mustaqim’,that is,Jesus.(Qur’an 1/6,3/51).

121-Almighty God,ALLAH,continue to bless Qatar for helping fellow Muslims,the Palestinians and Egypt,amin.

122-Muslims pray for ‘Siratal Mustaqim’ that Jesus is bringing to the world in every Salat.And Salat is compulsory for Mankind to enter Paradise

123-Trade not your hereafter for this life.Whoever opposes God and His Messenger will abide in Hell forever.

124-Are you pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter?But little is the enjoyment of this world compared with the Hereafter.

125-That Jesus will bring Siratal Mustaqim is evident in Q3/55 ‘I will make those who FOLLOW you prevail over those that reject till Last Day’.

126-What confidence have the Christians when former Jesus already said,(John 16/13),’somebody will come after me to tell you of what remains’?

127-News Headline: Nigeria Ranked 20th Saddest Nation: ”DESPITE MANY PASTORS WITH PRIVATE JETS?”.

128-News Headline: Stop criticising pastors with private jets,says Wale Oke: MAYBE THEY WANT THEIR TITHES SPENT DIFFERENTLY.

129-Christians,it’s most important that you listen to me,calling yourselves children of God is very hateful to God.Almighty God has no child..

130-All God’s creations are His servants.If you think you are a child of God,YOU CAN NEVER have a CORRECT belief in the Almighty God.Never!

131-Thinking that you are a child of God makes you feel like somebody with God,and there is nothing with God,all are servants WITHIN Him.

132-God’s greatest curse be on me if I’m not 100% sure that No One can be a child of God,it’s just impossible..

133-Your body parts can disobey you were they to have autonomy like your children,but as servants,you can use them as you like..

134-No One can actually refuse to obey God,all God’s creations do what God has programmed that they do.And nobody can do anything without God.

135-No One can do any good or bad deed without God,but we willingly do what God has destined,though nobody knows exactly what God has destined..

136-And because you do things out of your free will,God will reward you for them accordingly.

137-I want to thank the Almighty God,ALLAH (SWT),for giving me an additional name,Abu Muhammadu Tawfeeq.

138-Christians,stop deceiving yourselves,I’ve told you that death of Salvation is not bodily death that former Jesus died,but spiritual..

139-And spiritual death leads to Hellfire,I’m the only person that can overcome it having been given two Spirits,one for the Salvation.

140-Siratal Mustaqim is the 2nd life that Jesus will start,all those that have died from Adam to Proph Muhammed must come back to experience it.

141-Christians,note again that the Bible is not so reliable because some incorrect things are there..

142-Qur’an is 100% perfect but requires guidance to know it,some of its verses cannot be used directly,reason certain Muslims are misguided.

143-News Headline: Obama’s Israel remarks whip up controversy: ANYONE LOVING ISRAEL WILL SAY THE TRUTH’.

144-News Headline: US Condemns Comments from Egypt’s President,Morsi: ‘BUT THE REAL FACT IS THAT ISRAEL’S BEHAVIOUR IS BAD’.

145-In life,Money is most important but after death,Rewards from God’s-worship-and-good-deeds are the only means of sustenance.

146-News Headline: Corruption,Nigeria’s major enemy – FCT Minister: ‘A CRISIS NEEDING ONLY DRASTIC ACTIONS’.

147-Two invisible Angels are constantly with people,one on the left and one on the right of every human being,they record whatever they do.

148-The parable of Disbelievers is that their works are like ashes that wind blows,they will get nothing from what they earned in the Hereafter.

149-News Headline: Terror threat to last decades- British PM: GOD LIKES,AND I’LL SUPPORT ALL-LEGAL MEANS TO STOP TERRORISTS WORLDWIDE.

150-News Headline: Obama ends oath with ‘So help me God’: ‘AND THAT IS THE ONLY ALMIGHTY GOD I’M REPRESENTING’.

151-Whether anybody truly believes or not,there is only One God,the Almighty ALLAH.No One can change that.

152-News Headline: Iran Draws Red Line over Assad of Syria: ‘ASSAD OUGHT TO HAVE WILLINGLY STEPPED DOWN LONG AGO’.

153-If President Assad and Iran like Peace,Bashar Assad of Syria ought to have voluntarily stepped down long ago.

154-I may seem laughable but I am a 100% serious person.You don’t like me,you don’t like God,meaning that you want to go to Hell..

155-Many people follow nothing but conjecture,and conjecture can be of no avail against the truth.

156-Can I tell you again what you must start doing if you want to go to Heaven? SALAT,after accepting God’s only religion,Islam..

157-Once you cannot do what I said God wants,God must have destined that you will go to Hell.

158-Aside from the Bible,that is not even so reliable,there is NOTHING in Christianity,God curse and curse me if I’m not 100% sure..

159-True Believers in the Almighty God,you have NOTHING doing in other religions,get out without hesitation.God curse me if I’m not sure.

160-Qur’an has FULLY replaced the Bible,Believers in the Almighty God do not need it again.Islam has also become their only religion.

161-I wish I can show the World the importance of Salat,NO WAY anyone can get to the Almighty God without observing it.NEVER!

162-God curse me if I am telling a lie: Prophets Muhammed,Abraham,Moses,former Jesus,and other Prophets have all observed SALAT with me before.

163-Egyptian oppositions are most likely being used,and they are like Extremists.Democracy is not a game of force,but of numbers..

164-The situations under President Morsi are certainly different from the former leader,Hosni Mubarak.There is democracy in Egypt now.

165-God said the Unbelievers will try to extinguish the light of Islam,but He would never allow them,instead He will perfect it.

166-God will never wrong Man,but Man wrong themselves.

167-News Headline: Israel boycotts UN rights council: DANGEROUS PRECEDENT,BUT ISRAEL CAN GO TO THE SAME UN TO REPORT IRAN.

168-News Headline: US to base surveillance drones in Niger: ALWAYS LOOKING FOR POOR MUSLIM COUNTRIES,BUT SURV. DRONES BETTER.

169-If you do good,you do it for your ownself,and if you do evil,you do it against yourself.

170-News Headline: U.N. report slams Israeli settlements: ‘ISRAEL MUST BE SANCTIONED TO OBEY THE LAW’.

171-It is Injustice to punish Iran alone while Israel was allowed to continue to show disregard for international laws by openly disobeying them

172-Those autocratic Arab Rulers helping US against Iran to punish her unjustly are also aiding and abetting Israel to continue her illegalities

173-World will know no peace until there’s universal justice.That there’ll be joy after my advent is because God will use me to achieve justice.

174-News Headline: ‘God has given me a second life’ – Malala Yousafzai.’ONLY GOD CAN ACTUALLY KILL,OR CAUSE DEATH’.

175-News Headline: Gay marriage ‘the right thing to do’ – British Culture Secretary.’FOR THE UNBELIEVERS IN GOD’.

176-Gay Marriage,NEVER right for Believers in the Almighty God,but Govts should neither encourage nor prevent it.Let Govts liberalise marriage.

177-News Headline: US urges Egypt to control police (at protests): ‘SPONSOR OF THE PROTESTS?.

178-If Lebanon is truly democratic,there is absolutely no need for the armed group of Hezbollah,Islam likes open,clear democracy.

179-The Aggrieved/Opposition in Mali taking up arms need not to,instead organise and dialogue with democratic Mali government.

180-Bad for Govts to authorise Gay marriage.Govts should handoff marriage,liberalise it,esp. non-religious govts,just allow anybody marry anyone

181-Many things I always want to say but couldn’t because I’m busy,and my condition NOW would not just permit..

182-News Headline: Memo says US can use drones on citizens: ‘AMERICAN CITIZENS WITHIN USA’.

183-Though no time,but some I heard on TV discussing America’s use of assassination Drones appeared like they could hardly reason,inconsiderate.

184-News Headline: CIA Drone Base in Saudi Arabia Revealed: ‘AUTOCRATIC RULERS ARE NOT DEMOCRATIC,THEY CAN EASILY BE USED’.

185-I’m very sure,if Pres Obama,or Drone man,John Brennan were Pakistanis or Yemenis,they too w’d hate US using Drones to kill in their country.

186-France has done well helping Malian government restore back her democracy,I thank her and others.

187-Anyone that does not fear God,even if he’s a Ruler has no hope,he might think he’s something,but I swear he’s nothing.

188-No one has the right to be worshipped except ALLAH (God),He is the Best for reward,and the Best for the final end.

189-News Headline: Polio vaccinators killed in Nigeria: ‘I HATE THE TERRORISTS,BOKO HARAM?’.

190-News Headline: Pope Benedict to Step Down Feb 28: ‘HE SHOULD QUICKLY ACCEPT ISLAM,AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS’.

191-Almighty God make Paradise forbidden to me if I’m not 100% sure,the best advice for the resigning Pope is to accept Islam before he dies.

192-Christians,Jesus of Nazareth had said (John 14/26,John 16/13),that someone will come after him,I swear and swear again that I am the one..

193-If you Christians don’t believe in me,you have rejected Jesus of Nazareth,and the Almighty God,ALLAH.

194-News Headline: Kwankwaso,Dangote donate N6m each to slain Kano health workers’ families: ‘THANKS,GOD BLESS YOU’.

195-It’s very sad many Muslims do not know precisely who they are,they just think they are like the others..

196-Muslims are created for God,not for themselves,their way of life must reflect this,their democracy cannot exactly be like the West..

197-Egypt and Tunisia are mainly Muslims,their emerging democracies must indicate this fact,despite the similarities in human aspirations.

198-Non-muslims should not compare themselves with Muslims,Muslims have REAL hope in life-after-death,Non-muslims don’t,I swear..

199-The Almighty God has purchased of Believers their lives and their properties for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise..

200-Paradise,a great reward,a reward without break!


My Previous Tweets (Verbatim) 7.


1..Is the man who follows the good pleasure of God,the Creator,like the one who draws on himself His wrath?

2-Important people around the world already know me,they may not care,but still,I like to carry them along in what I am doing..

3..So,I urge the World to continue to exercise patience regarding the God’s work.Patience differentiates Believers from the Non-believers..

4..But about 6 months ago,God actually gave me an observable achievement that confirmed and made me 100% confident about the God’s work.

5-If God should want to do anything,everything is easy for Him..Nothing is impossible for God.

6-I will warn today’s Christians again,very seriously and sincerely too: I am not guessing at all,they are ALL idol worshippers..


8..And other ways of life,other than Islam can only lead to Hellfire,I swear.

9-Ordinarily,a woman is equal to any man that is not her husband since both are human beings,but..

10..But in the case of husband and wife,the two are not considered as separate beings,they are one,complementing each other..

11..The husband is the head while the wife is the body..

12-And why husband and wife are one is because God created only Adam (one person,not two),his wife,Eve was only ‘taken out’ from him.

13-Life on Earth is a test or exam,anyone who obeys God will pass,otherwise you will end up in Hellfire..

14-And who can ridicule the man of God? Nothing man is doing that is strange to God..

15-Right from day one,God knew those who will go to Hell and those that would make it to Heaven..

16-Then no matter what,or whatever anybody may do,Believers shall be guided to Heaven,nothing will derail them.

17-And amongst those that would fail the life’s test are those who say,someone has died for their sins,that they can do whatever they like.

18-Why male and female are treated differently under Islamic inheritance? Only the males belong to their parents,females to their husbands..

19-Females are like wards to their parents,it is the males that are their real children,consequently..

20..Consequently,the Almighty God rewards parents far and far more for their female children than the males,while caring for them..

21..(Just like you will get more rewards caring for others than your own selves).

22-There is NOTHING like ‘honour killings’ of wives,female children,or anybody in Islam.Many calling themselves Muslims are actually not.

23-Some think being rich is sign of godliness,but what of those that are wealthy through dubious means?..

24-Believers may or may not have much money in this world,but they are very much loved by God and would never need to beg in their lives.

25-An essential condition of being God-fearing is NOT TO WASTE TIME..

26-And being hard-working and God-fearing,Believers will never need to beg.In fact,they are not supposed to beg,no matter what.

27-God is sending me to you Peoples in the world,you must listen or else you will regret..

28-There is only One Thing that gave rise to Every other Things,the Almighty God,ALLAH.Him alone I worship,I ask the whole World to do the same

29-It is God’s right that Man worship Him,as Man’s right upon God (to be catered for),is being fulfilled.

30-It is 100% Necessary for Man to remember and serve the Originator of Everything,the Almighty God – Him,without any Other,is deserving of it.

31-If you will not agree that God created you,then try these: command yourself to die and rise up again,command that you be male,then female..

32..But if you can’t do the above,for example,then submit and surrender yourself to the Almighty,the One that made you what you are.

33-Believers,note that there is a major difference between those who love God and those who love the world (i.e,the Unbelievers)..

34..To those who love the world,many times,they are harsh when they should be merciful,and merciful when they ought to be harsh.

35-When I come out,Believers and the Unbelievers will be distinguished,but we would find common grounds to operate on at the United Nations.

36-Many who say they believe in God do not actually.Believing in the Almighty God is worshipping Him as REQUIRED and PRESCRIBED..

37-If you don’t believe in the Amighty God,Satan is your Leader and Adviser,you would think you are wise,alas! you are most ignorant..

38-And do you know me? But you don’t like me.I swear to the Almighty God,because I am sure,Satan is your Leader and Adviser!

39-I heard a US Presidential candidate,Mitt Romney,stating a common but 100% wrong view that he believes Jesus is the son of God and his Saviour..

40-Anybody can believe anything,but let me tell Mitt Romney and others holding that DANGEROUS belief the real truth again..

41-The Almighty God has no son,anyone who believes that He does have will end up in Hellfire.To this I swear,and swear again..

42-Also,JESUS OF NAZARETH,peace be on him,IS NOT THE SAVIOUR.Read my blog to know the Real Saviour..

43-If any Christian wants to go to Heaven and live eternally in Paradise,he/she MUST ACCEPT ISLAM.Now is different from Before..

44-And I will ask the Almighty God to curse me if I am not sure that TODAY’S CHRISTIANITY IS IDOLATRY.

45-No one will willingly choose to go to Hell if not for some popular but erroneous beliefs that attract people like magnet..

46-Everyone will be with his object of love.Those who love the world will never get to Heaven,only those that love God will go to God..

47-Christians shd note that Jesus will reject their calling him son of God.Any Believer that refused to follow me will not be accepted by God.

48-The Almighty God is alive,He lives forever,and has full control over you.Let me ask you,why won’t you worship Him?..

49-Can you not think that SOMETHING (The Almighty God),gave rise to you,and every other Things in existence? Then worship Him!.

50-You may have the whole world,but you are most ignorant if you don’t believe in God and worship Him as required..

51-What is the whole world compared to GOD that created for example,COUNTLESS stars,each of which is several hundreds greater than this world!.

52-God can take your life at will,and the whole world that you think you have will be lost by you in seconds!

53-Man,let not your wealth,your children,or the love of the world divert you from worshipping God.If you do,you shall be the losers in the end.

54-The Greatest Curse of God be on me if I’m not sure: Anyone in the world wanting to meet with the Almighty God in Heaven CANNOT DO WITHOUT ME

55..He/she must obey me by accepting Islam..

56-Anybody that had known about me should declare for Islam instantly,nothing should be holding him/her back EXCEPT he/she wants to go to Hell.

57-You important Leaders in the world,many of you already know me,I ask you: Declare openly for Islam NOW,you will help others a lot..

58-Many many important journalists already know me: Let the World know that you have embraced Islam,you will help them a lot..

58-And again,I will ask the world’s most important political leader,President Barack Obama of USA: Become Muslim now,please don’t go to Hell!

59-By the Grace of God,I will soon come out to meet with peoples around the world,NOTHING CAN PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING.

60-The man of God will tell the truth but those of the Devil will not believe.

61-Many times,the Unbelievers will be encouraged and try to believe but won’t be able to,because they were not made to believe.

62-I’ve explained real belief,it is not to declare that somebody is your saviour,and has died for your sins but to worship God as prescribed.

63-Terrorism is Satanic,and very bad,but a ‘Terrorist’ may not be of the Devil as God can forgive him if He likes,but..

64-A gentleman or woman well-liked by people but believes that God is three-in-one cannot be forgiven by God,he/she is of the Devil because..

65-God will not pardon or forgive anyone that joined any person or thing with Him in worship.

66-A generous,kindhearted person loved by people,but that does not believe in God is of the Devil,he/she will not return to God in the end..

67-A generous,kindhearted person that does not believe in God obviously believes in the world,so God will pay him/her back in the world.

68-Even Man get patents or exclusive rights for things they made,why will God not forbid that No One else be worshipped except Himself alone?

69-Christians are idolaters and transgressors,they committed an UNPARDONABLE SIN when they substituted the creature (Jesus) for the Creator,God

70-God made Jesus,Jesus did not make God.

71-Christians destined for Hellfire will say there is no difference between Jesus and God,but..

72-Christians already admit that there is difference between Jesus and God when they say,100% wrongly though,that one is father,the other son..

73-And it is a father that begets or borne a child,and not the other way round..

74-God created Jesus,Jesus did not create God.Christians MUST accept Islam,worship the Amighty God,not to go to Hell.

75-God said He can forgive any sin if He likes,but will certainly NEVER pardon anyone that should join any person or thing with Him in worship.

76-USA will just prove again that she is a violator of international law if she consents to Israel that Jerusalem is her undivided capital..

77-Did the United Nations say the whole of Jerusalem should be Israel’s capital? The answer is an emphatic NO.

78-Prophets of God are different from other people in that they are not free to do whatever they like but only what God asked them to..

79-Again,what I’m doing for God is not easy,and no one thanks me.It is out-of-no-time that I write the few things I do to help people.

80-What is happening in Syria makes me feel sad everyday,and I don’t like the type of United nations that we have..

81-Also I don’t like that a Muslim country (Iran) could be helping the Syrian regime to continue to kill her people.

82-Those who love the world or a creature of God are incomplete,imperfect,but loving God is real perfection..

83-When you love God,you love everything,because God is everything..

84-Somebody or something can never be God,as God is everything.

85-To love ONLY God,love people or anything BECAUSE of God.

86-The Israeli-American film maker certainly insulted and misrepresented Islam and Prophet Muhammed,peace be on him..

87..I’m not surprised however,as those destined for Hell will never see anything good in God’s religion or His Prophets..

88-There are two values,one each for those of Hell and Paradise,they can never be similar,people should stop thinking that we are the same..

89-Those whose Paradise is the world cannot be like those whose enjoyments is in the pleasure of their Creator,the Almighty God.

90-Euronews has erred,and the world public must note that Prophet Muhammed was not the founder of Islam,rather,the Almighty God is its Owner..

91-After God had sent all His Prophets,He called the totality of their Messages ISLAM during the time of the last Prophet,Muhammed – Qur’an 5/3

92-Therefore,anyone rejecting Islam has surely rejected the Almighty God,ALLAH,and had become an Unbeliever.

93-Islam will be incomplete without the Message brought by Jesus,Moses or Abraham,for example,reason why Muslims believe in all Prophets.

94-Islam is the ONLY religion that contains the Messages of ALL the Prophets of God,and that’s why there is no alternative to it..

95-Prophets of God are very important,no one can believe in God without them,a rejection of one is denial of all and the God that sent them.

96-No alternative to Islam but Hellfire,God has sent me to warn all peoples.Listen and obey,now is difft from before,I’m not guessing at all.

97-For real peace in Syria right now,President Bashar Assad needs to step down,and Iran should note that God is a better Ally than Bashar Assad

98-It is disheartening to note that President Bashar Assad of Syria and his major backer,Iran do not want peace in Syria right now.

99-There are some things that the West and their likes do that Muslims have to copy to enjoy life,and that will not harm the God’s religion..

100..But,there are a lot of others that the West and their likes do that Muslims must close their eyes to,however lucrative or fashionable.

101-Though Iran is NOT IDEAL in behaviour but I prefer her to many Muslim countries that are subservient to America.

102-Although men and women are equal as both are human beings,but this differentiation is necessary..

103..Women belong to men,but not vice versa.Women are generally weaker than men spiritually,and of all God’s Prophets,NONE was a woman.

104-People of the West and their likes,read those things I had said already,and imbibe them..

105-I am very sure about who I am.While I live,peoples on Earth must follow me to succeed in God,THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE except failure,I swear

106-You’ve made up your mind never to follow me? Then know for certain that you’ll not go to God,whoever you’re,and from wherever in the world..

107..Where else can you go to? Of course,you’ll perish here on Earth! You preferred the world over the sent man of God,then you will die here.

108-The spiritually-dead-people on Earth will however be resurrected in Hell where they will get retribution for rejecting God’s Representatives

109-If anyone will follow me (God’s Rep.),he/she must accept Islam,believe in the Almighty God,and worship Him as ordered by Himself in Qur’an.

110-Satan is a sworn enemy of Believers,but a helper of the Unbelievers (this,I see clearly everyday)..

111-The instructions in the Qur’an and Hadith (i.e,Shariah) are meant to help Believers guard against Satan..

112-Shariah however is not static as Satan’s evil machinations keep changing.Even life itself is not static.

113-You are reading things that I do write,but you don’t like them or you feel indifferent,Satan is aiding you to failure in God,I swear.

114-U.S. study: Drones Strikes Kill Many Civilians – 25/2012).US Drone strikes kill,maim and traumatise too many civilians.

115-Terrorists need to be caught and brought to justice,America’s use of Drones in some Muslim countries is extra-judicial,and jungle-justice..

116-With the use of Drones,USA may be taking her war on terror too far,like a Believer wanting to wipe out all Non-believers in a criminal way.

117-On nuclear issue,US,EU,and Israel thro media propaganda,can fool most people most of the time,but they cannot fool all people all the time.

118-US,EU,and Israel want the world to panic for suspecting others may develop something that they themselves have in excess.

119-The dangerous countries having nuclear bombs do not want to abandon them,they lack any right to complain that others may be planning to have

120-Once again,if America or Israel should attack Iran without the United Nations’ authorisation,the Almighty God will not forgive them.

121-How else can I say it to make everyone in the world understand?..

122-I am a Prophet of the Almighty God being sent,and I am God’s ONLY Representative till I die.No One can oppose me and yet be accepted by God.

123-While Iran not ideal in conduct,the West punishing her unjustly not better-off,Unbelievers don’t deserve to suffer on Earth,their Paradise.

124-So long as anyone believes that Jesus of Nazareth is son of God,God,or the Saviour,he/she remains an Unbeliever,GOD CURSE ME IF I’M WRONG.

125-You’ve read about me,seen my pictures,and FREE to contact me,or even VISIT me physically to confirm,now let me ask you..

126..Based upon what I had said so far,do you believe that I (Hamid Adigun Tiamiyu) am truly a sent Prophet of the Almighty God?..

127..If your answer is No,SURELY,God will regard you as an Unbeliever,or yet to believe in Him as you don’t have any excuse not to believe.

128-A sent Prophet of God (God’s Representative) must be recognised and accepted,rejecting him is automatic disbelief in the Almighty God..

129-Ordinarily,the Unbelievers don’t need to believe in me before they enjoy life,they must only be careful about justice and fair play..

130-God’s representatives do not tolerate injustice,they will warn against any unfair treatment,ignoring them can land Unbelievers into troubles

131-Whenever Believers talk about God,the Unbelievers are thinking about Money,two peoples with two different values.

132-Remember again that No One living in this world now had ever seen someone like me before – a Prophet (old) being sent from our Owner,God.

133-Why can’t the United Nations make democratic governance in countries of the world a human right to be enforced?..

134-God certainly likes democracy which is governance based on free and equal right of every person to partake in leadership,and their selection

135-Assad’s family has ruled Syria for decades from father to son,and they don’t seem to want a change which is anti-democratic.

136-No doubt,Mitt Romney has extremist views on the Middle East,the USA’s Presidential candidate will have problem with me if he wins.

137-The only good America can do in the Middle East is to help foster democracy amongst the autocratic Arab rulers she is calling allies now..

138-The US should also apply sanctions on Israel to have real peace with the Palestinians instead of bolstering her aggression and transgression.

139-US permits S/Korea to increase her missiles cap from 300-800,is it the UN that gave US the power to do that? – as it’s opened to great abuse.

140-Again,God is sending me to EVERYONE on Earth to tell them to follow me in worshipping the Almighty God..

141-Anyone in the world that has known about me should note that NO ONE (whoever,and from wherever) can believe in God while rejecting me..

142-I’ve already started the God’s work with some very minute,humble and common people..

143..They stand firmly by me,caring for me even though they are not my relatives..

144..These lovely,ordinary people are forming the foundation with me,the Way of God that will last till the end of the world..

145-There is no one ever-born from Adam and Eve,that will go to God,but MUST follow in my footsteps..

146-And One Truth about me and anyone standing by me is that we would never fail,and we shall be the most important people in the world.

147..Something unique about those with me is that,NONE I approached personally,all of them discovered me themselves.

148-If God helps you,NONE can overcome you,but if He forsakes you,who is there after Him that can REALLY help you? None,I swear.

149-Satan,the accursed will always create or find a way to mislead people,the perfect example of that now is today’s Christianity..

150-I had told Christians,I have a 100% CERTAINTY that what they are doing is wrong.Get out of Christianity,The Truth has come..

151-The Greatest Curse of God be upon me if I’m not sure,TODAY’S CHRISTIANITY LEADS TO NOWHERE BUT HELLFIRE..

152-And Christians will soon be celebrating Christmas thinking they are doing good,alas! Jesus of Nazareth hates them for it,God also curse them

153-Celebrating Christmas does nothing other than STRENGTHENING OR REINFORCING CHRISTIANS’ IDOLATRY..

154-Many times I’m afraid for Christians,but I always take solace in the fact that No One can save anyone destined for Hell.

155-America,Europe,etc,you do read what I write,I am calling you sincerely from my heart,accept Islam,don’t go to Hell..

156-I am writing with authority from our Owner,God.Listen to me and obey,you don’t have any other choice except Hell..

157-Truth has come,NOW is different from BEFORE,the time of your ignorance is over.

158-As usual,Israel wants to build about 800 new,illegal homes on Palestinians’ land,a very big shame on Arab Rulers cooperating with America.

159-God will SURELY use me to humble the Unbelievers with ALL their sophisticated weapons if they impose or fight unjustly with Believers.

160-Two Peoples: Believers and the Unbelievers.Those that follow me are Believers while those that reject me are the Unbelievers.

161-No doubt,journalists’ role is so crucial,but very sadly,majority of them,on many occasions,behaved as if they cannot think independently.

162-Certainly America,Israel or the World Powers are not God,but very TRULY,I am Representing the Almighty God,so they have to listen to me..

163-When I come out,and on Nuclear issue,only justice and fair play can prevent any confrontation between Believers and the Unbelievers.

164-Again,the World Powers are not God,I won’t fear them if they will not follow the path of justice,thou nothing much I can do until I come out

165-God does not recognise (I also will not) any treaty already made that says some can have and keep Nuclear weapons,but ONLY others cannot.

166-But I can support,thou with conditions,N/Non-Proliferation Treaty if it restricts possessing Nuke weapons to ONLY perm. members of the UNSC.

167-To me,permanent Members of the UN Security Council can keep their Nuclear weapons if they will be NEUTRAL,(not so now) for World’s security.

168-As things are now,I will oppose members of the UN Security Council,should they authorise use of force against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

169-Yes,nothing much I can actually do until I come out but my words are God’s words (being His Representative),and should be respected.

170-Whoever God wills to guide,He opens his/her breast to Islam,but whoever He wills to send astray,He makes accepting Islam very hard to do.

171-Pope appoints my tribesman,John Onaiyekan as Cardinal.If he wants God,and not fame,he should leave Christianity altogether and join Islam.

172-From Now on,Nothing,and Nobody can save ANYONE that dies,rejecting Islam from going to Hell.Hate Islam,and you have hated the Almighty God!

173-FOR ALL PEOPLES IN THE WORLD,my advent mark the end of the period of ignorance or uncertainty concerning God’s real religion,that is ISLAM.

174-Your Eminence,the Pope,I ask you to stop wasting time appointing new Cardinals,become Muslims NOW,all of you..

175-I am telling the World Catholic Church Head again,WITH AUTHORITY: Become Muslims or You preferred Hellfire – This,I am 100% sure of..

176-I learnt Coptic Christians are also choosing another Pope of their own.I’m asking them too to accept Islam,or they will go to Hell.

177-God first created Man from Adam,God will recreate him from Jesus,before he (Man) returns to God finally..

178-Adam and Eve that started the first Creation are One,similarly the Male and Female to start the second Creation are One in essence,i.e,Jesus

179-Jesus,or the Holy Spirit has two sides,the Male is described in the Qur’an 66/12 as FANAFAKHNA FIIHI,the Female,Q.21/91 as FANAFAKHNA FIIHA.

180-ALL THOSE THAT HAD DIED from Adam to Noah,Abraham,Moses,1st Jesus,and Prophet Muhammed MUST COME BACK to experience the second Creation.

181-Contrary to the interpretation,the woman mentioned in Qur’an 66/12 is 100% different from that mentioned in Quran 21/91,both are around now.

182-The Greatest Curse of God be on me if I’m not 100% sure that Mary,mother of Jesus of Nazareth is on Earth now,I can see her anytime I want.

183-About the woman mentioned in Qur’an 21/91.First she was from me before God sent her ahead to give birth to me in 1964.She died in Jan 1981..

184..Then God made her speak to me in 1991 after I discovered myself,and this woman that died in Jan 1981 was later born again in Nov 1993.

185-The reasons why British PM is visiting UAE and Saudi Arabia are not good enough,talk on Democracy ought to be on the front burner..

186-The Arab Rulers should note that the Absolute Monarchies they are practising is not alright at all,it is un-islamic,BECOME Constitutional..

187-And I want to ask the Arab Rulers,why fearing Islamic republic,do you prefer infidel-type of governance?..

188-Islamic republic is democratic,Iran may not be a perfect example but by far better than the absolute monarchies in the Arab world..

189-And the West themselves know that absolute monarchy is bad,they are only being hypocritical befriending Arab Rulers,and merely using them.

190-I welcome the UN Disarmament Cmtt resolution calling for the total abolition of Nuclear weapons.Its shd be quickly ratified for world peace.

191-While commiserating with Mitt Romney on his defeat,I call on him to embrace Islam,he doesn’t have any other choice if he must go to God..

192..Winning America’s Presidency is like earning a one-dollar prize compared to eternal joy in the Almighty God if he becomes Muslim..

193-I also want to advise USA that she should henceforth accept Islam,wholeheartedly,it is the religion of God that gave them ALL that they have

194-America must be thankful to God,and turn to His religion,Islam,especially now that His (God’s) Representative is on Earth..

195-And like I use to say,Now is different from Before,my advent mark the end of the period of uncertainty concerning the religion of our Owner.

196-If anyone does a religion other than Islam,NEVER will it be accepted of him.In the Hereafter,he will be amongst those who have lost..Qur’an.

197-God will not accept ANY EXCUSE whatsoever for not doing Islam..

198-It is compulsory for Believers to admit anything I told them concerning Religion as true,to reject is to become an Unbeliever in God.

199-Whoso obeys God’s Representative obeys God Himself,but whoever turns away,the Representative has not been sent as a Watcher over him/her.

200-Believers are stauncher in their love of God,but the Unbelievers take others beside God,loving them as they should love God.